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Via illmannered on tumblr Click t

Via illmannered on tumblr Click t


via ill-mannered on tumblr

Fox You

Geometric Animations / 170422 gif processing generative art creative coding code art geometry grid http:

mrkirbyphotography: “Spotted this lovely bike in Chinatown a few nights ago. It was

Wendel Pierre || [email protected]

Le bac est là…



... believe that Sophie would have worn a prosthetic belly sideways at an Oscar party and no one would notice? Or even mention it somewhere? To me it looks ...

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ill-mannered on tumblr: Mike Dargas, “Honey Face”.....fabulous!

J'me déplace en skate Dégaine de clochard à la Chris Cole J'ai


Another unphotoshopped picture taken on the night of her engagement party. This was taken by a friend of hers and posted on his Tumblr.


I wouldn't necessarily recommend using it, but I thought I should include it since I still do use it sometimes.

Flowers in my hair Pedro guizilini | via Tumblr

Documentation of the shooting of The illmannered milkman, 2010, video still

With all of the exercises to check for understanding and work on using that content, I couldn't get by without it!

It doesn't take very long to go through each test if you already know the material.

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I also noticed that sometimes in the lessons, one of the words is highlighted. When you click on each character in this word, the app actually suggests a ...

At the beginning of the novel a small rabbit named Fiver has a premonition that all the rabbits need to ...

horikoshi: [describes todoroki as 'relatively ill-mannered'] also horikoshi: [makes todoroki call himself a fertilizer, say “anachronistic fundementalist” ...

Babaroga (which roughly means “old lady with horns”) is a Serbian bogey that is said to be an ugly old woman, not unlike a hag , who stalks the night ...

'Doldrums' by Leonhard Lass. '

does this picture make anyone else think of d&d

“Katharine Hepburn creates a bad first impression.” Cecil Beaton | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD

Unicorn Riding my own Rainbow to the very End

My favourite family (○´∀`)ノ♡


Have you ever wondered how your ISP manages to control the speed of your connection? If so, you might find the following article enlightening.

“How does a moment last forever? How can a story never die? It is love we must hold onto

Beauty Through a Uniquely Imperfect Lens

Photoset via whaaliens

don't hug me ...

On Academy, photographer Ye Fei shares his process and how to deal with three different types of lighting situations. Share your captures of light ...

In ...

horikoshi: [describes todoroki as 'relatively ill-mannered'] also horikoshi: [makes todoroki call himself a fertilizer, say “anachronistic fundementalist” ...

A Father's Day shirt to rule them all, perfect for the ill-mannered dad ($6.95 to $21.95)

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... heavy-but-dance-y drum rhythms, synths, and a trumpet – no vocals. At times, the music will shift from Kraftwerk to LCD Soundsystem to Death From Above ...

Check out the first booklet in the Chronic Pain and the Christian Life series, But God Wouldn't I Be More Useful to You If I Were Healthy, on Amazon.com.

Chuck Chuck

Credit: @ghosta_r via Insta/Tumblr Tags: #tangledvarian #variantangled #varian

6 months ago / 469 notes / Via cojica / Originally from oldschoolsciencefiction / Source oldschoolsciencefiction

Imagine Your Darkest Desires

Beach, via Tumblr

I honestly can't remember talking to anyone – on or off mic – who works harder on anything than Frank does on his comic, Pissed OFF Panda.


I would never bail on you, the dear listener, without a little bit of notice, so I wanted to use the last few megabytes I have available on my Libsyn ...

tommcfly: “Date night — view on Instagram https://ift.tt


Raul Amador Chats with touring Hamilton bassist Jordan Scannella via Skype.

Welcome to Reddit,


A loaf of banana bread is like a great big, warm and cuddly hug from a toddler or a sloppy kiss from your dog. It doesn't have anything to do with ...

Beijing: What life is like in China's rapidly growing capital city - The Washington Post

Actor Song Joong-Ki 송중기 (Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예) received an offer to star in this epic fantasy, but his agency said that nothing has been ...

Our worship minister, Brandon Scott Thomas, put together an amazing night to celebrate Jesus

BOOK REVIEW: 'Ghosted' by J.M. Darhower—4.5 Stars

“Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” he said as he leaned into our table. I had been trying very hard to create invisible walls between our families just ...

There is a general increase in anti-social behaviours and lack of respect for others

Social media has the power to sell tickets, reach new audiences, and generate conversation. That being said, it involves more than just sharing an update.

In college, a one-night stand with a guy in my Anthropology class (my favorite class because the world suddenly opened up in strange complexity) kept me ...

Biographies of Steve Jobs (by Walter Isaacson,) Jeff Bezos (by Brad Stone

And ...

Selina Leem doesn't want to lose her country to climate change

Sometimes scholars refute each other in correspondences that people pay attention to during that era, and afterwards the generations who follow them don't ...

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Running OptiX 5.0 on the NVIDIA DGX Station -- the company's recently introduced deskside AI workstation -- will give designers, artists and other ...

There is a lot brewing north of I 270 and we are take you to explore all of it.

{NEW RELEASE} His Light in the Dark by L. A. Fiore | The Next Step PR, LLC

The Paperbook Blog

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Windsor football star Joey O'Connor followed Big Ten detour to Ohio State

Tag-team troubles: What America might want from Russia, but is unlikely to get

Review: Star Wars: Jedi Academy #2 by Jeffrey Brown – TWG – The Wookiee Gunner

Here is a giveaway

Cat With a Human Body Presides Over a Table Full of Ill-Mannered Canine Relatives

Alan Wald reviews Unhitched and Liberal Defence of Murder posted by Richard Seymour. "

New Release – Click to Read

Working from home: actions you can take online

will photo cred: http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com

Malaysia: Teacher demand non-Muslim students to drink their urine during Ramadan | The Muslim Issue

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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Paradigms are so powerful to change, title image.