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Eva Brown poses with Albert Speer, architect and Reich armaments and military industries. Speer was one of the closest circle of Fuhrer's people.

Eva Braun. (via gentleman-blackbird)

My favorite (or at least one of my favorites) photo of the gorgeous Eva Hitler (Braun).

Eva Braun with two women and a person dressed as a polar bear in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, 1935

Unflattering photo of Eva Braun with Stasi or Negus, 1940. (via putschgirl)

These images were included in pages of Eva Braun's photo albums and cataloged as such when I viewed and photographed them in the National Archives.

Eva Braun Girlfriend of Adolf Hitler

Eva Braun Hitler | eva braun eva braun hitler s wife in newly released pictures eva braun

Eva Braun (foreground) and her sister Gretl Braun at Berghof, Obersalzberg.


Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress, with toy cat. -

SS-Gruppenfuhrer (Obergruppenfuhrer, Waffen-SS) Hermann Fegelein and Margarete (Gretl) Braun (sister of Eva) enjoy an intimate moment, 1944.

Eva and Hitler

Loving Eva Braun's shoes here in the bottom photo. This is Eva and her best

Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun Hitler & the national socialists kids

Eva Braun on Berghof terrace with young child Wearing her father's visor cap

April 1945 – World War II - Adolf Hitler marries his longtime mistress Eva Braun

Category:Photographs by Eva Kemlein – Wikimedia Commons

Die junge generation

Marilyn Monroe-Lee Strasberg

Often mistaken for being a vintage photo of Marilyn, this is actually model Eva Herzigova, in a 1992 Guess ad photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.

Nina Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenberg after her husbands execution; after her release from prison and

World War II in Color: Adolf Hitler

OPFER Jadwiga Dzido überlebt,wird aber Im November 1942 mit neun weiteren Frauen zwangsoperiert, wobei ihr Bakterien injiziert werden.

there is always an after in this life isn't there!

Eva Braun's movie collection in the U.S. National Archives, RG 242.2;

"The man who would attempt to assassinate Hitler, Stauffenberg, at the Army High

Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg's family in later years

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On June 3, 1944 Eva's sister Gretl married SS General Hermann Fegelein. Fegelein was Himmler's personal representative at Führer Headquarters.

Martin Bormann (Third from right, front row) with Hitler and staff in 1940

gentleman-blackbird: “ Eva Braun + flexibility in These images were included in pages of Eva Braun's photo albums and cataloged as such when I viewed and ...

Eva Braun on the Konigsee 1937(800x860)

Dana and Kenji Wedding

Field gray hussar in the attack.

shooter and a gun crew with PaK 38 against enemy positions in the field.

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Kay Marie (McDowell) Merrifield

X, X Transferred to the USAAF -

My father's career included a half dozen or so years spent with Indian Oxygen and the Tatas in Jamshedpur (where he met my mother's family), followed by a ...


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Abi Tyas Tunggal

Lockheed Aircraft Plant, Burbank, World War II

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Coat of Arms for Bristol, England

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Sol passed away on January 5, 1974, and is buried with his wife, Florence (Stevenson) Wise, at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces - Image: Radi

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Soldiers from New York: Jewish Soldiers in The New York Times, in World War Two: TM3C Jerome Ernest Faber – May 18, 1945

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Portrait of Norman Brown ...

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Hindu political traditions | Independent Indian: Work & Life of Professor Subroto Roy

Fredy Gareis and Bjørn Harvig

Royal College of Music[edit]

Jarl E. Fossum-The Name of God and the Angel of the Lord - Samaritan and Jewish Concepts of Intermediation and the Origin of Gnosticism | Gnosticism | ...

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