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S3 spo voltron t Shiro

S3 spo voltron t Shiro


shut-your-quiznaking-quiznak: “ im laughing so fucking hard. almost like a second into lance talking, shiro gets visibly so fucking done with him. he doesnt ...

"I can't believe Shiro is actually six years old."

"My prediction for S3" by isnri - Pidge, Matt and Shiro #voltron

omg shiro helping keith lift weights, sheith < <

Space Lion Dad watches over his Space Lion Cubs when they're feeling vulnerable. He also suffers Space Lion kigus like a good sport 'cuz that's how Dadd.

No Shiro wuzgoingon

SpoilersSeason 3 Scene ...

Voltron: Legendary Defender S3 ep. 5 - The Journey

Currently in Voltron Hell

[Reaction] Voltron Season 3 - Episode 5: The Journey

Voltron Season 5 team shot

80s voltron | Tumblr

Voltron History: Sven & Shiro

Thank you for replying @weird_n_soft

Shiro and Matt Holt as prisoners for Galras from Voltron Legendary Defender

Keith | Shiro

Shiro and Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender

Sven, Voltron season 3

Hot Shiro #voltron #shiro

More and more ready for evil Shiro. And if it's not a clone this could totally be Allura/Hunk/Pidge


766 best Voltron images on Pinterest | Form voltron, Shiro voltron and Voltron force

badenlily: “please let them fight back to back in season 3 ” < < and please bring back the REAL SHIRO

Klance just happening, Pidge being smushed, and Hunk offering food

5ft on

Shiro and Keith are 100% foster brothers < < this is true.

Is it just me or is it so depressing that Shiro doesn't pilot the black lion anymore?

FINALLY (voltron season 3 spoiler?)

Why Is Shiro's Hair White? || Voltron Legendary Defender Speculation

The difference is that the real Shiro has fabulous winged eyeliner.

Shiro in different outfits

now that the Galra have all they need to create all the Shiros they want, they don't need the original Shiro anymore.

A very quick post-Voltron sketch of Shiro as a teacher at the Galaxy Garrison

hunk and shiro ship klance confirmed

Celebrating Pride Month - Voltron Shiro x Matt Speedpaint

Allura's Heart of a Lion | Voltron: Legendary Defender Speculation

Headcannon that Shiro's scar is from a muzzle. THIS HURTS

Shiroweek Day pre-kerberos by ame-gafuru --- Shiro, Matt, Sam Holt

SHIRO'S TRUST IN LANCE AND KEITH | Voltron: Legendary Defender Theory/Analysis

I got the chills sheith, keith, shiro, voltron, voltronlegendarydefender


NOW KISS - S3 Ep2 Reaction - Voltron: Legendary Defender Reaction Zamber

Shiro, i love ya, but ur a lil bitchy snitch if u continue yr

(Voltron) Be My Bad Boy (Mace - Matt/Thace)

Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge x Neko Atsume

Anime ...

[Shiro X Keith]

split it open nessi в Твиттере: «o im still working things out LOL i

Those shirts are so accurate

Later, he starts ranting about how he's Shiro, paladin of Voltron, and needs to get to Voltron.

Can Prince Lotor Be Trusted? Lotor's Plans! (Voltron: Legendary Defender Theory)

Voltron: Legendary Defender | Cushfuddled Reviews

voltron legendary defender | shiro x keith | sheith

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/466654261/voltron-legendary-defender-shiro -pidge

ValerieOS on. Shiro VoltronVoltron ...


“As you mature as a person in some areas, it ultimately will mature other areas of yourself as well. Lance is always going to be Lance, he's always going to ...

Newsseason ...

I'm just here for the cake — Pre-Kerberos Shiro Whenever I feel like making.

Voltron Legendary Defender S:3 | AJ LoCascio Guests on Changing of the Guard; The Red Paladin E:1 & E:2 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow


SHEITH POSITIVITY WEEK - DAY 7: Proposal (free day).“ Do you

Voltron | Season 4 Trailer (2017) Netflix Original Series HD

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 1 Episode 1 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

"Voltron: Legendary Defender" still.

We all know Keith HATED being black paladin, mostly because he saw it as replacing Shiro. So the moment “Shiro” could pilot the black lion again, ...

Hi we didn't get a sheith hug this season but it's ok because Shiro loves Keith ❤ 🖤

He wasn't gone that long!! How did his hair grow so fast?? (screencap by me)

Shiro & the Shiros

Bio Since Jul 2016 (2 Years 16 Days)

I'm just here for the cake — The Adventures Of Kuro Pt. 3 - Li( c )king Someone.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Drops a New Season 3 Trailer

Galra!AU - JOIN THE EMPIREAll I wanted to do was make some Christmas related

Everything You Need To Know Before Watching Netflix's 'Voltron' Reboot | Inverse

But why would they need him if A) Voltron wasn't active at the time he was captured and B) the galra are extremely powerful and are conquering solar systems ...

Their plan sucked, and Shiro was clearly acting out of emotion, going against his own better judgement. (Because he was probably scared that whatever ...

And I think they'd combine forces and give Shiro even more hell (especially when it comes to Keith).

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I'm just here for the cake — Saturn You taught me the courage of stars before.

In fact, many people have compared S3-4′s Shiro's eyes as closer to Keith's eyes…Hm…I wonder what color Keith's eyes are?

Some may say that the force of the Galras restraining them is what is keeping them up. This is in fact, not true. We later see Shiro collapse, ...


Voltron History: Lance McClain

Behind the Voices: Bloopers #1. Voltron Abridged

the REAL Shiro doesn't touch anyone with the Galra arm

Everything You Need To Know Before Watching Netflix's 'Voltron' Reboot | Inverse

Voltron Legendary Defender Episodes 1 - 7 Breakdown NO SPOILERS! - YouTube

Compilation of shiro yelling, falling down and other fun sounds ( s3 spoilers )