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Belowtreeline My view from the front of Colin39s awesome

Belowtreeline My view from the front of Colin39s awesome


Mornings at Cow Creek th are the best. Always very pretty. The first obstacle is the moraine extending east from Sheep Mountain. A few hundred feet of gain ...

Constant beautiful views the whole way down to lake Ann. Then the trail drops below tree line, following a steep river Gorge.

You work hard below tree line but the views up here pay off.

As ...

The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains as seen from Palmer Trail.

We headed down the steep, northwest side of the pass and made our way quickly into some of the most incredible singletrack running on the planet.

the view from the best campsite of all time. Not pictured is the waterfall to

My goal was to be down below treeline on the west side of Mt. Eisenhower by the time things got dark.

As I got above treeline, I could see a blanket of clouds hovering over the front range. Pretty cool!

There are numerous other trails in the "hillside" system in the Chugach Mountains. Some remain below tree line along streams and some go up to mountain ...

Back below tree line on the Saddle Trail

I leave the trail and start hiking straight towards the Bald Mountain summit. Over my shoulder, the view is incredible.

But the view of the mountain reflecting off the Pond was amazing, I just took this with my phone, I wished I had a better Camera with me for this one:

amazing view

Five Awesome Colorado Zip Lines

A gnarly tree in the woods below tree line

First time really wearing my train jacket all trail. It was cool out, but I still didn't want to wear rain pants. I just hiked in shorts as I've done this ...

[Amazing summit view over Wonder Pass, Marvel and Gloria Lakes.

All smiles and views after my first Whites summit

During this slide, I was discussing how the conditions worsened as time went on. I took this picture climbing up Mt. Washington.

Day 2: Keyhole to Summit

Hallet Peak as seen from below treeline on the route back to Bear Lake.

Back down below tree line now. Finally starting to warm up a little bit.

Or skirting just below treeline to see the mountains above.

Southern End of Signal Ridge, after it heads below treeline

My eyes water and I blow record breaking 10 foot snot shots behind me into the wind.

More wet, steep, slabby trail once we were back below treeline.

A poor attempt at black and white of a creek just below treeline.


Mount Shasta as seen from the foothills of the Glenn-Tehama county line of

From the small plateau between The Tent and Garibaldi, my views were pretty outstanding. I didn't feel I was missing out on too much for not joining the ...

As I descended down the hill I had a view of the Manitou Incline right in front of me:

This works, but it does require that you set it up basically somewhere below treeline. The one time I set this up above treeline, I used the info sign of ...

The ...

The OPUS Hut's unmatched 360-degree views look down into Paradise Basin, over to South Lookout Peak, and to the avalanche-scarred terrain.

Can you spot the tiny people making their way up Wilson Peak?

[Some of my ...

Perseverance Lake Trail

as the day before, once below tree line, followed Andrew's trail with mushrooms along the side of the trail. We met up with Andrew at the trailhead.


Sunset and the St. Vrain Glaciers, as seen from the Continental Divide near the

After a sapping ascent of Comanche Peak I was feeling beat. My fuel tank was definitely on low but I found hope as a potential site came into view:

I stopped and ate pretty heavily here. The weather was looking good to the east, but not great to the west from what I could see.

The peaceful woods as we descended back below tree line

Hemingway Playing the Piano, by Jay

Deep snow below treeline

Trapped in a cold rainstorm waiting below treeline for over an hour for the lightning to

Goodbye Filly, Best of Luck!

Frosty Mountain as seen from the approach from Moffat Tunnel.

There was also the nagging imperitive to get back below treeline and to the car before the thunderstorms hit, so we began our return trip down the mountain.

View down the Chilliwack drainage from Hannegan Pass

Trail Lakes Fish Hatchery

... of 2 parts: After river crossing first is long gradual rise towards mouth of Watchtower Basin creek valley. Up to this point hike is below treeline.

john muir trail tent evolution lake

Surface Hoar development just below tree line.

High life … Beaufort locals have resisted proposed ski lift expansion

PM me if interested. Mint condition less than 80 total miles on it. Just don't ride like I thought I would. Incredible bike though.

Guide to Colorado's Maroon Bells: the state's most photographed wilderness scene

The app is gps-enabled to auto-detect your location. You may also input an address to view airspace advisory information for that location.

Wilderness Camping Guide - Rocky Mountain National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

OUT THERE: Who says Colorado camping is just for summer?

... The 6 best Zion Day Hikes! Spend a day exploring Zion National Park, Utah

Rock Center has been eyeing this year's tree for seven years

I had previously thought that they pretty much lived below treeline. It was a cool sight though. They hung out near us for quite a while.

The views from this camp were the worst of the trip, which is saying something considering how good they are; Mt. Blum reflected perfectly in the water in ...

Crossing the Tonto Bench


Cessna 172

Photo courtesy of John Fielder

Kim ...


From Vidette we ascended steeply to the junction with the JMT and continued to Bullfrog Lake. When I stopped to remove my hat, we noticed a small herd of ...

Guided Backcountry Adventure Tours

Caitlin & Me


A view of my hammock under the shelter at Indian Garden.

The descent from 8,000 feet to 4,000 feet down the Sand Flats Road was amazing - my favorite part of the entire trip. I was blasted by so much cool air that ...

The image was beyond my expectations. It had combined all of the elements into one cohesive design. Lupine, blueberries, Queen Anne's Lace, knitting needles ...


Look closely…

But it also makes finding a spot to spend the night, at least below treeline, much easier. Without fording the Quinault, there were no ...

La Plata is a beautiful mountain and an awesome hike for beginners because there is absolutely nothing technical or difficult on this peak.

Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge, western North Carolina.

The steep/vertical backside of the Snow Hump.  Crevasses and all.

A hiker stands on Longs Peak. Image by Ethan Welty / Aurora / Getty

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A powder snow avalanche in the Himalayas near Mount Everest.


The First-Ever Attempt to Paraglide the Length of Colorado's Rockies | 5280