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Why the hell did she let it go to voicemail My obbsession

Why the hell did she let it go to voicemail My obbsession


Forgiveness - Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got. Some people want to close their eyes to the truth.

When the past calls let it go to voice mail it has nothing new to say

Obsessed is an understatement! Pathetic and psycho as it gets! Get help ugly sociopath from hell! Quit stalking me and everyone that I'm friends with!

Hell no.. Let me connect you to someone who might give a shits voicemail

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. — At least a lot of people do. It's not self obsession. It's preserving a memory. <3

Yes bitch, keep stalking me, we are very happy u dirty skank.

How to Make the Narcissist Powerless to Affect Your Life | Melanie Tonia Evans

Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music. Music is so much a part of my life now. I grew up with family members ...

dumb bitch, please get over him not wanting you and your jealous obsession with me.

Book 40 in J.D. Robb's In Death series, Obsession In Death, is finally out. To celebrate, HEA shares the first chapter …


How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Hacked

a nightmare on relationship street

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"What it takes" - aerosmith

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How is your ex-husband stalking you?

If a Guy Doesn't Call He's Just Not That Into You…Or Is

Petty Confessions. This is also why ...

Sometimes I get my ...

Some people don't know how to just come correct and be straight up about what they want, so for example, when they want to end your relationship, ...

how to deal with a stalker

sweet = ) quotes like this justify my obsession with gossip girl and other trashy tv shows

Why Won't He Answer My Text Messages? – Part One | Knowing the Narcissist

Diary of a Obsessed girl

I'm not accountable for how you feel, pissing you off

save your voicemail lols on verizon

A few months ago, back in the golden days of interning at PT, I read a blog that changed my life-- Scott Barry Kaufman or as I affectionately refer to him ...


I could stay lost in this moment forever

That's actually what I did…

Mute the mic on both phones to ensure only your voicemail is recorded.


break up with married men

letting go of someone you love

Todd Glass is the king of the running joke, or what he calls “bits.” In his standup, the Philly-born, LA-based comic will add so many tags to a joke that ...

Day List 8-18-13. My day list has ...

How to get over someone you don't want to get over - PETRALOVECOACH [ blog ]

Bipolar Disorder and Obsessive Thoughts


vblog 10


It your female stalker bombards you with freaky text messages like this, make sure you hold on to them as evidence and, if possible, get your cell provider ...

Personal favorite ...

Sometimes you ...


Select “Export my contacts to an email service…” Then click “Export.”

stop blaming yourself

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Verizon: How to stop "data network connections are not available" notifications

When Adele and Drake duke it out on the Hot 100 next week, it'll be more than just a clash between streaming versus downloading, or yet another example of ...

22. RACHAEL Did it comfort you ...

Another popup will appear asking you to name the file you are saving & pick a destination. Then click “Save.”

'Subgramming' is the easiest way to make him obsessed with you and not even realize it

breaking up is hard to do

One of the greatest pleasures in comedy is the running joke, the gag that keeps going and going. A running joke grinds down the audience's resistance ...

... Melissa Insta Dm by Lilith-Abundantia

Watching someone on a beach

Dear iOS, Thank You For These Hilariously Misconstrued Voicemails

Image titled Make Him Miss You Step 1

The lack of closure you'll get from them is just one of the many ways that a Narcissist will hurt and let you down. You see, by definition, a Narcissist is ...

There's no dancing around it: Accidentally leaving something behind in an Uber sucks. From the more commonly forgotten items — keys, phones, ...

Photo Collage Maker_xlZavG

If you keep up-to-date with Dom's tweets, you know that it's a known fact that he is VERY single aka no girlfriend. But, I have gotten harassment about that ...

Disheveled oman sitting on floor screaming into phone

I'm His Obsession... ~A Zayn Malik Fan-Fic~ •Discontinued Until Further Notice•

“This is what happens when you don't let me see my cat.”

What has me excited about this story is the idea that Rambo is now the man chasing instead of being chased. The idea of John Rambo tracking a killer in the ...

Breakup of a couple and a sad man in the background


Sometimes you keep your feelings to yourself because it's hard for someone else to understand them. Vishal Kushwaha (Vishona)

You Can't Erase An Ex From Your Mind…But You Can Reduce Their Power AND Keep Pushing Forward


“Hell yeah I wanna go to Red Lobster, Grandpa!”(i.redd.it)

Before I get into it, let's get this straight. Voicemail needs to die. There is absolutely no reason on Earth that we need voicemail any longer.

How Apple's Obsession with Google Is Hurting Apple

Image titled Identify if You're in a Bad Relationship Step 8

How to Get Over a Married Man

... Want to Get Over you Ex?

Do you think she might become obsessed with him? Nah, probably not.

If not, you may do this from the More dropdown menu. If you do not like how the files were imported or want to undo them for any reason, select “Restore ...

Lucifer called the other day and left my kitten a voicemail. Apparently Delta had listed some discounted roundtrip tickets to the 9th Circle of Hell and he ...

RACHAEL; 5. Well, she ...

Why Men Go Hot and Cold & 5 Things You Need to Do.

I had to get up before dawn Tuesday morning. I left a note for Cary where he'd see it as soon as he woke up, then headed out to grab a ...

Made it into a Dog Tag/Keychain ...

Ask a Guy: How to Get Him to Text You Back post image

Pamela software records skype audio

Weekend Wonderment – Better Late Than Never!

dancing to ring tone

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Thinkstock.

But when Lisa tries to pull Beyoncé down with her, she's like “Fuck this shit” and lets her go. She falls into the chandelier, which starts to come loose.