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Who is the best Sacred Stones waifu Imo LArachel is my favoriteit

Who is the best Sacred Stones waifu Imo LArachel is my favoriteit


Who is the best Sacred Stones waifu? Imo L'Arachel is my favorite.(it doesn't have to be from this picture btw) : fireemblem


Tada~! The latest banner is a Sacred Stones banner with.... 3 units. Featuring L'arachel, Myrrh and CYL Eiri- I mean Eirika but meta.

Oh my god Ephraim throwing shade at everyone that ships him with his sister ...

Corrin & Eirika

NewsWe ...

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Mia's armpits are simply just better than any other character in all of Fire Emblem, and I'm not complaining that they showed ...

Which units are the best to use in Sacred Stones?

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Ranking FE8 Characters with the FE Character Sorter!

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Robin is best waifu, I even got him a harem.

Doing their Bestcurrent status of Eirika on my team (i.redd.it)


Find this Pin and more on Fire Emblem by Julia.


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Level Up! Fire Emblem Thread of Strategy and Permadeath [Archive] - Page 18 - The Return of Talking Time



Her gamertag is xX_LOOT_Xx, and she's an MLG pro. She's absolutely unbeatable when it comes to noscoping.

Fire Emblem Crew iPhone 7 Snap Case. '

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ChatFE:H ...

Cute? 🤔 Maybe, maybe not. Only time shall tell.




Let's smile again ~; ruruo

Azurrin is the OTP

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.



José Antonio Gutiérrez Quesada ( @sodia_zone )

Fire Emblem: Awakening - What really happens when a character does a dual guard.

Fire Emblem Fates - Corrin x Azura <3

Fire Emblem Fates - Corrin x Azura <3

Obligatory top spot for my waifu. What can I say about Cordelia? She's the perfect combat unit in terms of stat distribution, and just about everyone who's ...

Perfect - Virion - Fire Emblem Awakening - funny

I honestly have no idea what to say about this banner. Nerfing horse units to bring out two horse units in the newest banner. OKAY IntSys.


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A corpse who does not know he is dead; WyvernKnight

I'm a weeb yo

Azurrin is the OTP

Sacred Stones Beaten! My Thoughts & Final Unit Statistics | Fire Emblem Amino

my fav sacred stone babies 💕💕💕 L'Arachel, Innes, and Ephraim


For those of us who picked Lucina for the free

As we all already know, a new update will be released in February, which will introduce some new weapons and refinements into the game.


You will never reach the top of the leaderboard because we'll be sharing the server with JP and KR people. And they are fucking crazy when it comes ...

I'm on team Shanna but best of luck to both teams! <3 : FireEmblemHeroes | Fire Emblem | Pinterest | Fire emblem, Hero and Fire emblem characters

Below is a link to all of the supports I completed in this file, BTW. All were done outside of the main campaign (i.e. in the Tower of Valni) so that I ...

This is the summarized build:

Day 1: Geoffrey from Payh of Radiance. Best cav in the entire series imo

Judging-Claw Orange Dragonbound, Saria stats, skills, evolution, location | Puzzle & Dragons Database

Fair enough.

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With the arrival of Myrrh, we lose the game's only certainty.

They all try (and succeed) in killing themselves and each other so they can be your one and only waifu FOREVER!!!

that is false hopes, but I will take it anyway

Inner demons - Knoll from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones! If you can find

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l'arachel for @rexcalibur.png !!! i havent played sacred stones

... [ IMG]

i tried to draw eirika ?? sacred stones easiest FE game imo ~ #eirikafireemblem #fireemblem #fanart #digitalart #fireemblemsacredstones

Sorry for not posting in the last 3 days. So, please enjoy this picture

Dominique Steeler Jackson ( @dominiquejackson7796 )