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What did you just say The Punisher t

What did you just say The Punisher t


By request: Captain America beats up the Punisher... and lets him leave.

Available in Daredevil by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson Omnibus. Buy it on Amazon.

The Punisher #17

090- Punisher War Journal V2 #2 - Page 20

Punisher daredevil season I loved the Jon Bernthal as the punisher I think he did a terrific job. And I loved how he called Daredevil 'Red' it was just ...

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Punisher MAX

Frank was The Punisher before his family died.

Frank then reminded him that there was just 1 actual approach to prevent The Punisher, and Daredevil understood exactly what it was.

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Kills four men without looking at them ...

punisher joker

Tony Guerrero 🎙 on Twitter: "Best Way To Get Someone To Say #Chimichangas -- #Deadpool Vs. The #Punisher #3 #BestStuffInComics https://t.co/ZjSAbbRU56… ...

'The Punisher': Essential Comics to Read Before Netflix Binging | Inverse

Deadpool Versus Punisher

The series is not exactly...loved by Punisher fans. It was a little hard for someone reading this in MAX

When his plans are inevitably foiled by a series of BAMs, BIFFs and KAPOWs, Joker doesn't curse aloud and shake his fist. He just laughs.

Netflix's THE PUNISHER Fails to Say Something New About Violence

Nicole Rivelli /Netflix

Jon Bernthal in The Punisher. Photo: Jessica Miglio/Netflix

punisher joker

With the help of the hugely talented Jon Bernthal, Marvel has finally done tragic and brutal on-screen justice to The Punisher. Spoilers.

Jon Bernthal as Punisher in The Punisher. Netflix


Btw, to those who say he'd only have a few moments..Nope, not true. When Frank shot Wade through the head, he had enough time to tie him up and restrain him

Quote from The Punisher 1x12 - Billy Russo (to Frank): God damn,

New Marvel's The Punisher set photos have arrived online featuring star Jon Bernthal as the title vigilante, and let's just say Frank has seen better days.

This Is Why The Punisher's Symbol Is a Giant Skull

Someone told me they think of young McCree as Jared and now I can't. ‹‹

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty And You Just Witnessed The Love I Possess For The Punisher.

243 The Punisher War Zone #1 - Page 11

You can say what you like about the Punisher's methods, but it's hard to fault that logic. Who knows how many lives would be saved if every hero in the ...

Because of the narrative direction I wished to pursue, you're hopefully clear that the Hate Monger is an asshole (and not just because of that terrible soul ...

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Punisher

Netflix's THE PUNISHER Fails to Say Something New About Violence | Nerdist

"I should've seen it coming. I heard it... and

Who Is Curtis Hoyle in 'The Punisher'? This Veteran May Be One Of The Only People To Know The Real Frank Castle

Luckily ...

Image: Netflix. The last time we ...

... The Punisher (2000-2001) #4 ...

Daredevil is a phenomenal fighter. Not only does ...

Ebon Moss-Bachrach, aka Desi From Girls, on His New Role as The Punisher's Sidekick and the Show's Polarizing Gun Violence

The Punisher's stance on gun control, heroism and villainy is shakier than ever in episode nine, an otherwise strong instalment.

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EDIT: Here's a preview page Marvel sent over:

The Punisher ...

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Jon Bernthal talks Punisher, choking Norman Reedus, and that brutal Daredevil prison fight

When the freshly casted actor meets a superfan, THE BEST! -- For playing a very complicated character, Jon Bernthal really did a great job playing Frank ...

Although it wasn't initially planned, Netflix announced shortly after the second season launch of Daredevil, that the character would be getting his own ...


We sit down with The Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal, who talks about the physicality and philosophy of Daredevil Season 2.

Photo: The Punisher (Netflix)

DAREDEVIL Episode 6 Recap: The Punisher and His 'Regrets Only'

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The Punisher skull logo seen painted on the helmet of an Iraqi army soldier patrolling in

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11:04 AM - 19 Nov 2017

“What did you just say?” - this moment kills me! Frank!

That's What's Up: When the Punisher and Lois Lane were black

... because this episode of The Punisher was a wild ride! We're just about halfway through the season and as such, this episode teased exactly what we can ...

What Did Lewis Say Before He Died? 'The Punisher' Character Recited This War Poem

To be fair, they did homage Ennis' run of the Punisher in Season 2 of Daredevil.

Punisher: War Machine Undermines Frank Castle's Mission

I'm always a sucker for action figures of the Punisher. What can I say? The just makes for a really cool toy. I'm pretty sure that the Toy Biz series 4 ...

The Punisher: Deborah Ann Woll on Karen Page, Daredevil Season 3 | Collider

Have you started watching Netflix's The Punisher series and found yourself trying to remember exactly how the winsome journalist named Karen is connected to ...

Set dressing aside, this “America Was Never Great” narrative path is a well-trod one, memorably blazed by James Ellroy, among others, in his Underworld USA ...

8 pages of 24

Here comes the trouble, I don't believe for a moment that the Punisher would want his family back and see him in what he's become.

This Punisher: The Platoon exclusive details Frank's first tour of Vietnam

'The Punisher' Is Releasing at the Worse Time Ever—Just Like Every Other Time | WIRED

To be fair, they did homage Ennis' run of the Punisher in Season 2 of Daredevil.

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Sometimes you just need to ponder a picture of the Punisher doing what he does best.

Part 1: You need to login to view this link. The Punisher ...

The Punisher

Billy asks Matt if he can promise that Hogman will go to jail and stay there. He can't, but assures him that all they can do is trust in the law.


Rest assured, if they weren't, the Ghost Rider would have a thing or two to say about it.

So check out the trailer get pumped for what's next (once you finish all eight episodes of The Defenders… and wait several more months…). We have to say ...

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If I was to ask the barber for this haircut what would I say to him.

Marvel The Punisher Dirty Skull T-shirt (Small,Black)

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Sfar Joann on Twitter: "So sad they just asked for a cover. I would gladly have done a whole run with The Punisher.… "

Cops Russ and Marcie.

Fortunately for all of us, our enjoyment of the Punisher does not depend on what Joss Whedon does or does not like, because not only does Frank Castle ...

Needless to say there is a lot going on in Up is Down and Black is White. There was a lot I had leave out of the summary because we would have ...

The Punisher Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

The Punisher. This was clearly not meant to be like this, but I'm killing time before going to see New Year's Eve (I'd rather get caught breaking into Frank ...

"So why don't you just shoot him?" - The Punisher in