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WAT Did I Just Read Funny t Memes

WAT Did I Just Read Funny t Memes


He "finished" on my face and ruined my new shirt!? da seks

Dafuq Did I Just Read?

Dafuq Did I Just Read?


I am horrified. This is so dumb and wierd. Vampires are supposed to be dead! And by the looks of it you can still eat, and vampires can't because their ...

What Did I just Read?

Dafuq Did I Just Read

What the hell did I just read - http://www.jokideo.

Confusing Profound with Pretentious | Dafuq did i just read? | Know Your Meme

I don't even know what to say anymore

PeterNorway on Twitter: "Take a moment of silence for all the victims of genocide-lite who can't speak out against interracial relationships because of pc ...

WTF Did I Just Read

Russian WTF story adult humor – Funny Tuesday memes and pictures @PMSLweb.com

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Totally just read that the same way the old lady did!! Lol .... SOMA ULTE

Sure, money can't buy - Funny Pictures, Funny Quotes, Funny Memes

Sorry fans

Dafuq Did I Just See?

Cheezburger Image 6455689984

Dafuq did I just read?

What did I just read

What did I just read. Funny LifeFunny MemesFunny ...


What the h*ck did I just read · Funny MemesIt's ...

funny tumblr post>>>what did i just read, i feel weird

This weekend, in a move straight out of 2003, my sister sent me a chain email with a bunch of baby memes attached. I'd seen a bunch of them before, ...

Samuel Johnson portrait art painting

Memes in the book include an image of the Queen and Prince Charles having a hearty

Da Faq Have I Just Read?


Dafuq Did I Just Read Funny Dress Meme Image

Birthday meme funny birthday memes Happy Birthday Meme

10+ Funny Memes About Work That You Shouldn't Be Reading At Work

Did I Really Just Call My Teacher Mom Funny School Meme Picture


In a fun twist, since we now have five hosts and co-hosts we will also have five FEATURES.... but you will have to go check out the other four blogs to see ...

Ummm Yes I Have A Question Wtf Funny Wtf Meme Image

Friendship meme

Nigga did I just catch you having fun? The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 14 The Color Ruckus - YouTube

What Did I Just Read

... Dafuq Did I Just Read Meme

Dafuq Did I Just Read Meme Unique Pictures 24 Funny Memes College Students Will Relate to

Anonymous 02/12/09 (Thu)19:09 No.27138491 File >

30+ Hilarious Ways The Internet Trolled Mark Zuckerberg Testifying Before Congress

... http://i.imgur.com/c1OZl.jpg


Don't Email Me About Being Sick I Won't Read It Because I Could Care Less Funny Meme Image

67 Hilarious Teacher Memes - Age is just a number?

I Am Just Here To Watch Michael Jackson Eat Popcorn Funny Michael Jackson Meme Image

Ate All The Popcorn And Read All The Comments Funny Michael Jackson Meme Image

Just Me Derping Around With My Mom

Those times you know anxiety can't wait to invite its friends to the party.

Thank You, Man!

Chivalry Is Not Dead... Yet

extra credit

30+ Most Accurate Teacher Memes – UPDATED!

Kids Are The Most Important Things In My Life

67 Hilarious Teacher Memes - Whoa! Excellent!

You're a funny girl and you love joking around with your crush, but when you are trying to be serious for a change, you've noticed that they tend to respond ...

Often, photos included in memes are taken at just the right moment - like this

funny musical memes guy guitar33


67 Hilarious Teacher Memes - I did not know that.

#5 How Much Do You Love Your Sister?

What the fuck did I just read, someone please explain to me how the fuck so many people gave this book 5 stars. The only reasoning I can come to is that ...

March 8 ...

... have no friends. zero cookies meme

Funny memes about work

Okay, y'all, here are some really dark, but funny, jokes. Please read NO FURTHER if you're easily offended. We were just sitting around, trying to gross ...

Image titled Use Memes on Facebook Step 1

Best 21 old man memes

have fun

One Does Not Simply

funny old lady grandma meme inhale exhale inex haha lele

When somebody asks if you have a romantic date planned and you're 100% single.

lebron james game 1 reaction

Best SpongeBob Memes Funny Quotes


"STAR WARS: A Bad Lip Reading" - YouTube

Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl


What, like you have to choose a type?

cheating memes. "

Now Don't get on me because of the word "Country",after all Gujarat is the only Developed State in India,Punjab,Karnataka,Kerala who were considered as ...

Funny babies memes, gifs, videos -- funny dad put a baby to bed

christian memes god's plan