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TouchDesigner 088 Projection Mapping t

TouchDesigner 088 Projection Mapping t



Touchdesigner and Projection Mapping Techniques

UQaMixer is a generative component mixer that was built from scratch during the workshop at MUTEK Montreal 2016 for the main room visuals at the MAC (Musée ...

The LJing Performance Interface

Smile and feel mappier. Image courtesy Derivative.

Last November things stepped up dramatically as Richard Burns arrived and brought along knowledge in other areas than 3D such as web programming.

"I used to think of TouchDesigner primarily for creating procedural real time graphics. As TouchDesigner has matured into TouchDesigner 088 it's my go-to ...

Core Concepts Instanced geometry from pixel data Texture Arrays - the 3D Texture TOP The Sort

TouchDesigner Workshop Resonate 2013 | Video 8 of 9 with Dmitry Napolnov

TouchDesigner Tutorial Particle part 2

CubeMapTOP.jpg VerticalCrossCubeMap.jpg

TO Workshop | Projection Mapping | 5 of 5

01_TouchDesigner088 Channel Referencing in Python

LJing Animation Control Modules

Below shows our 3-display monitor arrangement:

MF: I have taught this to two workshop sessions, 18 people total, and used it for more than a dozen nights of shows and released Rouge to the TouchDesigner ...

Derivative TouchDesigner

Stanislav Glasov came through with this, his words, "rough" (we don't find it so) video documentation in time for our review of Week01 2014.

TouchDesigner Workshop Resonate 2013 | Video 4 of 9 with Dmitry Napolnov


Resolume Arena 5 + TouchDesigner Shared Texture Tutorial part 2

MULTI IN TOPs TouchDesigner 088

Projection Advertising's AdCubes is an easy-to-setup video-mapping installation based on a stacked box structure. The cubes can display various forms of ...

1 - the cornerstone of TouchDesigner, proceduralism.

Sound of Threads on Behance

CamSchnappr Output02.jpg

Mixxa2014 Effects

TouchDesigner Kinect TOP Tutorial 1 (uncut recording)

Mapping Sydney Opera House for YouTube Symphony Orchestra

LJing Moving Light Component

Trip the Light 2013

Kantan controls2.jpg

CamSchnappr and Kantan Mapper Demo - Touchdesigner 088

CamSchnappr Viewport.jpg

3D to 2D correspondence Mapping Technique

Projection Mapping on Surfaces


TouchMixerII - Legend

This is linked to the TouchDesigner timeline and has markers for bar position and a cursor to scrub or choose playback position.

Advanced Instancing | Pixel Mapping Geometry Part 2 of 4 | TouchDesigner

Courtesy of Obscura Digital

FragTool Performance Interface in its entirety

Python scripting has immensely expanded my ability to add features and functions to projects. CamScnhappr makes 3D mapping incredibly easy.

How one community was mapping the future of visuals this summer ...


Itaru Yasuda: It's just because there was nothing like that. TouchDesigner is obviously great software for creating generative visuals.

homography.toe picture interface, using findhomography opencv function and using it to projection matrix in camera.



TouchDesigner Workshop Resonate 2013 | Video 3 of 9 with Dmitry Napolnov

DAT - TouchDesigner 088 Wiki

Music Box on Behance

Vortex Immersion Media

Home made box mapping projector

Title: Learning Derivative's TouchDesigner with Steve Mason (Obscura Digital) Instructors: Led by Steve Mason (Obscura Digital) with Barry Threw ...

Courtesy of Obscura Digital

In my opinion, its speed, power, and flexibility as a development environment is unmatched. TouchDesigner has all the means for interfacing with other ...

AutoVJ Performance Interface

... play and learn at the TouchDesigner Summit 2018 in Berlin ...


DAT - TouchDesigner 088 Wiki

BioVJ is the easiest and best software application for creating Projection Mapped visuals

Mary Poppins


Derivative TouchDesigner

The course will delve into broadly applicable topics, and demonstrate the specifics of how to make an interactive, projection-mapped installation with ...

TouchDesigner Workshop Resonate 2013 | Video 8 of 9 with Dmitry Napolnov


HOLO Magazine project video thumbnail

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Landscape projections for Oregon Eclipse Festival

These extras are written as Python dictionaries for ease of scripting, and end up being translated into TouchDesigner tables in their respective networks.

Parameters - Convolve Page

Beatcam. 'Beatcam' is the first short completed under my new label Plastic Science. Projection MappingShort ...


Light Beams through Volumetric Fog Cube - TouchDesigner Experiment

Interactive art production, project mapping, live audiovisual performance – TouchDesigner is flexible enough to be applied ...

... How one community was mapping the future of visuals this summer ...


Spaceman [garbled] Evil Doctor Bardcode?




Slanted Studios touchdesigner slantedstudios


... you Receive in TouchDesigner on the OSC In CHOP! I created an OSC In DAT as well, which allowed me to also look at the data streaming in from my phone.