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This Tesla Model X Owner Really Loves The Color 39Pink39 Cars

This Tesla Model X Owner Really Loves The Color 39Pink39 Cars


The most important car since the Model T is brilliant—with one big caveat.


Space Gray Tesla Model S Wrap!

Tesla Model 3

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2017 Tesla Model X News and Reviews

Elon Musk Owns Tesla Model X Mistakes And Explains Migration of Model 3 Technology

The S & X are quite big cars. Consumers in large cities where parking is tight will really like the ≡.

2015 Tesla Model S AWD 85D Sedan

YouTube / Doug DeMuro

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2018 Tesla Model 3 Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos - The Car Connection

Tesla Model 3 monthly payment after tax, fees, insurance, and charging costs

Tesla Model X Change Vehicle

Tesla Model S

Tesla's Model 3 Will Be Its Best-Selling Car--Despite Musk's Failure To Work Sex Into Name

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The Tesla Model S Is Absolutely Not the Best-Selling Luxury Sedan in America featured

Hacker Changes Color of the Model S to Match its Vinyl Wrap

Tesla Week: Model 3 Positive Reviews Roll In, Worst Critic Gives Nod To Model S

Washing your Tesla using a waterless wash and wax system from Smart Polish Pro

Lately I got to drive a borrowed Tesla Model X from time to time. I've grown to love this awesome car, so I decided to build a Lego version to have it ...

The Tesla Model X has finally arrived in Ireland. We took it for a drive.

13.9K. 2. Model S

Dean C. Smith/Twitter. A Tesla vehicle ...

Elon Musk with Tesla

Tesla Model S badge

Tesla Model X 2018

Tesla Model 3 makes its way to East Coast showrooms in NY, Boston and Miami

Tesla Model 3 diecast model, gift to reservations holders that waited in line on the first day [Photo: Frank Leone via Facebook]

... Tesla Model S so it'd look more comfortable pulling up to a hard rock concert instead of a pretentious chi chi restaurant. Yes, it makes a statement.

2018 Tesla Model X Black Front Left Quarter

Something strange happened to me when I picked up a Tesla Model X

Tesla Model S P85D

Niels Van Roij Design Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

6 colors with 3 combinations, ...

Tesla Week: Model 3 Test Drives, No.1 In Norway, Model X Rants Raves, Mars Roadster

Photo of the wreck posted by Lee Tada on CarTeks' WeChat

See A Blue Tesla Model 3 From Every Angle Imaginable – Video

The 17 inch touchscreen really does do everything.

Tesla Model 3

Or worse - see photo below of poor Rhiannon - my second Tesla - the week after I got her.)

Tesla lifts restriction on ending Model S/X leases early if you get a new car by the end of the quarter

Tesla Problems Buyers Remorse Tesla Model X?

[Source: RPM Automobile ...

SpaceX's Tesla Roadster payload included a secret backup of human knowledge

Overall I love this car. Needless to say that I'm never going to purchase a petrol-car ever again. The future is here people…

Your Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot, 75 kWh battery and glass roof will cost $50k, likely

Order Model X

Sam, whats your opinion on this model of the Tesla? I absolutely love the color, wold love to take this out on a ride. "Signature Red Tesla Model X with 22 ...

Kinda dirty…

Tesla's Model S

A Tesla Model S owner's tale of how he pre-ordered the Porsche Taycan (Mission E) in Norway

Tesla Model X 2016 Shotgun Review

Tesla Criticized for Blaming Autopilot Death on Model X Driver - Bloomberg

Tesla Model X Alfa Romeo 4C Spider drag race

It is claimed that our choice of vehicle colour ...

... Tesla is trying to make money with the larger wheels. For more information on this topic, check out this article and my message here on Reddit.

Tesla-Model-S-Wheel-Bands-16 ...

Mike Fan drives his Tesla Model X through an arch in a traditional 'hutong'

Permalink. Tesla Experiencing Growing Pains With Model X. SHARE THIS ARTICLE

Stop Waiting For Tesla Model 3 Buy a Model S TODAY! 5 Reasons Why

I'm still undecided about covering the lug nuts. Tesla has dark covers that they use with their grey wheels but most of the time the lug nuts are just ...

Cargo space: When it comes to cargo space, it seems that the only models here that have more space than a Standard or Long Range Model 3 are the $43,300 BMW ...

The Car

Tesla Discontinues Base Model X 60D Before It Arrives, Will Model 3 Suffer The Same Fate?

Photo: Tesla Model 3 Owner's Club