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The sad thing is the Ember Island Players did better than M Night

The sad thing is the Ember Island Players did better than M Night


Ember Island Players by Fandomposters ...

The sad thing is, the Ember Island Players did better than M. Night Shamalamadingdong

Oh the Ember Island Players. Their version IS better, by far! hahah.... i still crack up from toughs echo location thing haha

“The Ember Island Players | There's no other way to represent Toph | Hey guys, 1 more day until new Korra episo..... Oh.... ⇉ ⇉ ⇉…”

Ember Island Critics by Pockets1217 ...

sad moments in avatar the last airbender - Google Search

The Ember Island Players

Ember Island Players by Ariaera ...


Avatar The Last Airbender: it's more fun The Ember Island Players

The Blue Spirit. https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/

There are no words to express just how much I hate the movie

... ember island players". And that Dante Basco (the voice Zuko), older brother voiced the actor of Zuko in that episode also?

I mean... how can you NOT ship them when they're like THIS:

Hmm, seems the Ember Island Players paint Katara as a constantly sad person who can only give overemotional speeches about hope, is otherwise ineffective, ...

I think the creators were making fun of themselves as much as the characters. There are always those who notice all the silly mistakes animators and writers ...

Let's look at the two specific cases I am referring to. First, there is Zuko who, for the first time, encounters those affected by the war in the Earth ...


Ember Island Magic by paulineFTW ...

Ember Island Players Aang and Katara cosplay. Perfection.

... than M.Night Shyamalan's movie incarnation. People love this so much, entire cosplay groups have been spotted, dressed as the Ember Island players (no ...

As the final showdown with Fire Lord Ozai draws closer, the episodes that comprise today's review help to tie up some loose ends and strengthen the romantic ...

There IS no water in this air! -- Toph & Katara AtLA x The Incredibles crossover

the ember island players

Aang: I did get to meet you! 6. “The Ember Island Players” ...

Atom the Beginning is a monthly manga created by Tetsuro Kasahara that works both as a re-imagining of, as well as a prequel to the legendary Tetsuwan Atom, ...

Avatar Reacts to TLA Movie by ShariIsLikeWHOA ...

Ember Island

Ember Island

Airbender poster

But to finish it all off, she gives the reason why recap episodes exist in the anime industry. It's really well-put together and worth watching the entire ...

Airbender on Nick. The ...

For the rest, new scenes are kept to a minimum, but Meteora keeps narrating and adds her own personal "touches" to the characters of the story and even ...

This is possibly the worst filler episode of the entire series. Most fans skip over

Ember Island

Book 3, Chapter 17: "The Ember Island Players"

... the best things about music. Travel Profile: Ember Island

Oh yes, we certainly needed a culture festival episode. Because we all wanted to see A106 make udon noodles, right?

Yes, that is the word "Lolicon" you've just heard.

Episode 17: The Ember Island Players Synopsis: The gang, now staying at Zuko's family home on Ember Island, decides to check out a play based on their ...

Here is the second half of my favorite episodes. I am surprised I was able to come up with a concrete list. Part of me just wanted to say, ...

When people talk about the current golden age of TV, they're usually referring to big, serious dramas like Breaking Bad or The Wire.

But I thought it would be the most fitting, if I transcribed the entire dialogue for you to see... and to share.


The Last ChatzBender Episode 31: "The Southern Raiders" and "The Ember Island Players"

... just realized that people say that's he's not "pretty smart.

LucianGurl39 2 8 The Ember Island Players by LucianGurl39

The other thing I like about this episode is it was going somewhere unpredictable. This was not the same “let's fix the problem and move on” kind of story ...

Shyamalan ...

How the Finale of “Korra” Ruined the Entire Series

Ember Island

The colors were ...

Something like this.

Who Would Want to Watch Us?

I love the ending of this episode. EVERYONE DIES. Because it was kind've easy to overlook


Ember Island

My tumblr senses are tingling

Avatar: The Last Airbender

That sort of made me sad ...

I did not clean very fast but by the end of our stay I was the happiest I had been in a long time. Technically, these are four episodes, but I see them as ...

And that's essentially where the issue lies: I simply cannot accept this as a canon-official episode of Avatar. As a joke, akin to those weird chibi shorts ...

Artists of the Day: Gurihiru

It's more fun."

Ember Island

Avatar Roku

This episode is where Aang learns to earthbend! It's simply delightful

on a scale from “The Ember Island Players” from ATLA to “The Return of Slade” from Teen Titans go, how well does your show handle criticism?

I do remember the specific fringe (not Fringe!) Zutara fandom reaction to Aang's kissing

... "The Ember Island Players": [58] ◊

Book 1, Chapter 9: "The Waterbending Scroll"

One of the best episodes for feminism, the episode has Sokka constantly shown up by

poke fun at ourselves before anyone else had the opportunity!

Synopsis: Almost completely focusing on Azula, Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee, this episode shows them on vacation at Ember Island. The island apparently has the ...

15 Things You Completely Missed In Avatar: The Last Airbender

Part two of the show's pilot, this episode reveals Aang as

Anyway, at the Northern Water Tribe the trio of despondent travelers meets the tribe's princess and WHOOSH, we skip to another scene and we're told via ...

When reality is much better than fantasy.

Strangely, he appears about a head shorter than average-sized men ...

Adrenaline Makeover: Compare ...

Consider also–this scene from The Ember Island Players: (given that, you know, both Avatar and Voltron were made by studio mir)

... Interview: Michael Dante DiMartino on 'Korra' and climbing sequel mountain with 'Warrior

15 Mind-Blowing Things You Didn't Know About Avatar: The Last Airbender

This might be the best use of flashbacks in the whole series. Despite the episode

Ember Island updated their cover photo.

I didnt know the show even turned into this style though, which IS more what i like.

Early in season three, writer Tim Hedrick pitched the idea of our heroes encountering a

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds vs Fortnite Battle Royale

Characters / Avatar The Last Airbender Avatar Aang

M. Night Shyamalan at "The Last Airbender" premiere in New York. (Peter Kramer/AP)

Avatar: The Last Airbender Graphic Novels Get New Creative Team

Travel Profile: Ember Island. Facebook Twitter More

Last Friday, I wrote a short post about how I was disappointed with the first season of The Legend of Korra. I kept it pretty short and sweet, ...