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Superman turnaround from AllStar Superman Comics t

Superman turnaround from AllStar Superman Comics t


Superman turnaround from All-Star Superman

All-Star Superman ~ Frank Quietly & Grant Morrison

All-Star Superman - the jumper scene by Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison.

Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

ALL STAR SUPERMAN year: 17 September medium: pencil and inks (colours are usualy made by different artists) size: typical for comic books (around

If ...

And maybe that's why I've never been able to get on board with Superman as a character. I've been going about it in the wrong way, because fundamentally ...

All Star Superman

The 'Superman Reborn' arc has had its fair share of ups and downs. The first big crossover between Action Comics and Superman hasn't been the cleanest so ...

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Reign of the Supermen #252: Unknown Superman of 4500 A.D.

Does DC Entertainment's Man of Steel manage to escape the grim reaper?

“The Gospel According to Lex Luthor” All-Star Superman #5

Love - All-Star Superman #12

DC Reborn Review- SUPERMAN #1 is the Superman You Need Right Now

... All-Star Superman. No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided No Caption Provided. Post-crisis pre-Falspoint Superman

Kyle: No I saw what you meant, the blue hand-print and all, but it's hard for me to imagine they'd want to undo all the good work they've done thus far with ...

The best Superman stories are always those which come up with a way of finding something new while maintaining the continuity which came before.

My absolute favorite super hero!! :D my true love! Lol. Superman ComicSuperman PosterSuperman ...

An origin in four panels.

Review: Superman/Wonder Woman #7

Nobody is talking about Superman: American Alien? [Archive] - CBR Community

this picture is actually how I feel keeping up with Jamie, sometimes

Frank Quitely "All-Star Superman" ...

Jurgens makes it official Superman and Wonder Woman never happened! [Archive] - CBR Community

The 'Superman Reborn' arc has had its fair share of ups and downs. The first big crossover between Action Comics and Superman hasn't been the cleanest so ...

All-Star Superman

Evil Geek Book Report - All Star Superman

IGN Comics: What would you like to see happen?

While most comics historians don't cite this as their first real meeting, Batman and Superman first appeared together in a Justice Society story way back in ...

Después de esto Superman se despide de Lois Lane y viaja con rumbo al Sol para morir.

Don't trust the government #captainamerica #ironman #avengers #spiderman #hawkeye. Superhero FactsSuperman ...

Type: Bizarro One of Grant Morrison's genius All-Star Superman ideas is that of the Bizarro Bizarro, Zibarro. Thoughtful and introspective, his living ...

Clark Kent by Frank Quitely [ All Star Superman ] * updated

... turning a Superman sequence from the classic All-Star Superman (where Superman comforts a suicidal kid) into an excuse for intense action and gigantic ...

The answer is: no, he can't. In this post-reality world of finger-tip communications, dark-web machinations, and nostalgia-driven entertainment: an ...

Superman's origin is reminiscent of the Biblical story of Moses being set in a basket on

All Star Superman · No Caption Provided

And then Comics Alliance put out there story about the change:http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/06/22/superman-712-muslim/ CA wondered if this kitten story ...

I can't believe I'm reading Superman again. I really haven't been a fan of Superman since Frank Quitely's All Star Superman – and that was ten years ago!

DC Rebirth art

Scott Snyder perfectly sums up why Superman doesn't appeal to some of us. [ Superman Unchained #3] ...

Review: Superman #25

ComicsSuperman ...

This issue is the conclusion of the two-part Parasite story and it also ends the Lois in a coma story line started way back in Superman Annual #2.

We can rebuild.

Graphic Spotlight – Superman Vol. 2: Trials of the Super Son

Superman #1

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

While Superman and Batman had appeared together in several Justice Society adventures, the two didn't have an “official” team-up until 1952.

I ...

... batman paints a room yellow for green lantern 3

Superman #17 Review. February 21, 2017Kevin LainezDC Comics, Superman0

Post Crisis, especially the one in the Superman/Batman series

Heavens help us.

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Good Guy Superman ...


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Superman #17 Review. February 21, 2017Kevin LainezDC Comics, Superman0

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All Star Superman

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Cover Gallery

I think that, while I am not as sold on the direction of Action Comics as you were, Kyle, the decision to create what appears to be a fundamental split ...

In all the hubbub, furor and hullabaloo about Batman v Superman, very few people seem to remember this isn't the first movie where Batman and Superman share ...

...or All-Star Superman, which was clearly enough of an influence that they borrowed a line from it to make clear Superman's entire purpose, ...


Superman Vs The Saiyan Saga

You know, I can kind of accept this because they never tell you how long it takes Supes to jump the length of the continent. Although I always thought ...

It was receipt of these books last week, on 13 June, that finally spurred me to finish the long-delayed comprehensive account of my Library-Bound Comic ...

Superman #712 Published Despite 'Controversial' Kitten-Rescuing Content

Evil Geek Book Report – Superman: Red Son | "The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks"

Type: Imaginary story Possibly ...

Review: Superman #712

IGN Comics: What are you trying to do with your Superman arc? Ten years from now, when people look back at this, how do you want people to remember it?

... be a loving mother, but she gives terrible, almost entirely amoral advice, that we know to be wrong if only because we KNOW him being Superman is the ...

Superman vol.

This is an other outstanding issue by the team of Palmiotti, Gray and Moritat. This time around Jonah Hex and his lady friend Gina meet Superman.

In a final story for the Silver Age Superman, “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” saw the Man of Steel so unnerved over killing the villainous ...

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Superman #661

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Superman #400