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Sensei Giuseppe Formenton karate t

Sensei Giuseppe Formenton karate t


Explore Karate and more! Sensei Giuseppe Formenton

Sensei Giuseppe Formenton. Karate Kata

Sensei Giuseppe Formenton al IJKA global meeting · Karate Kata

The 2nd IJKA Karate Technical Seminar Italy

Andre Bertel teaching Asai Karate in Italy

Shirai Sensei demonstrates some kumite techniques with the help of Dario Marchini and Angelo Torre

El maestro Nishiyama y a su derecha el Sensei Edgar vargas

Well done Michael Sensei, it was a pleasure to befriend you and I hope that the sessions will benefit your karate, and that of the Blackpool & Wyre club ...

Giuseppe Formenton alla Cerimonia inaugurale EMG 2011 - Giuseppe Formenton at EMG Opening Ceremony

Instructors ...

Sensei Shirai demonstrating his comical sense of humour #karate #martialarts


Here's a link to the first of five articles (written by Michael Barr Sensei of UK) who recently came to New Zealand and undertook Asai style Shotokan ...

Allenamento_01. Karate Pordenone A.S.D.

主席師範 陳宏宗先生1

Technical seminar with Master Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hontsung

Sensei Giuseppe Formenton al IJKA global meeting | karate | Pinterest | Karate kata

Karate for Kids

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Seikichi Iha, Sensei - Okinawa Shorin-ryu Shidokan Karate-do

This black and white photo from the 1990's was when my dojo JKA (Japan Karate Association) Christchurch was at its peak. We were affiliated to JKA Matsuno ...

2016 Asai Cup

A traditional Shotokan Karate Magazine featuring the most senior and famous Shotokan Sensei's and it is totally non-political


Sensei Giuseppe Formenton al IJKA global meeting | karate | Pinterest | Karate kata

Karate uniform SMAI

Sensei Giuseppe Formenton al IJKA global meeting | karate | Pinterest | Karate kata

SMAI Kyokushinkai P/C karate gi


Martial Arts

Sensei Giuseppe Formenton al IJKA global meeting | karate | Pinterest | Karate kata

Trading Card by Photgraphic Impressions www.pi-sports.com/. Trading CardsMartial Arts

Anche KaratePordenone a Taipei alla cerimonia inaugurale Friendship Karatedo Tournament IJKA, Asai Cup 2014 2014

Sensei Giuseppe Formenton al IJKA global meeting | karate | Pinterest | Karate kata

Asai Sensei's `natural' shomen and `varying hanmi': Sensei advocated a more relaxed shomen, ...

karate uniform www.smai.no

Giuseppe Formenton, il nostro Maestro continua a stupire: «La perfezione è un destino eletto, una finta stazione di arrivo che si conquista combattendo ...

Revista American Karate

André Bertel, Japan 2010.

A big "OSU" to you all as we fly home to ...

Karate Shotokan

Naonobu Ahagon Kama Kata - Hanshi

André Bertel, Japan 2010.

To welcome in 2011 I've been covering a wide range of formal exercises (all 15 of the shitei-gata) focusing on their collective themes for self-defence.

Martial Arts for Self Defense

Heian Sandan | Shotokan Karate Kata Videos

Thursday, 6 January 2011

主席師範 陳宏宗先生2

The President Keiko Asai Making opening remarks at the ceremony

Michael Barr - IJKA 4th Dan: Training in New Zealand

André Bertel, Japan 2010.

The students were especially excited as this was the very first official karate dan examination to take place in China, and also because of the lineup of ...


Here are some photos from the Asai-ha Shotokan-ryu Karate seminars I taught in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy. Rather than write about the content of my lessons, ...

Karate letters Itosu

As I am sure you are aware I have been teaching open karate seminars and private classes in Europe over the last four weeks.

André Bertel, Japan 2010.


André Bertel, Japan 2010.

A short clip from an international seminar with Inoue Yoshimi sensei (b. 1946)

Shorin-Ryu Shido-kan

Find this Pin and more on K a m p S p o r t \ Martial arts by Yuliya Nilsen.

“The K is on the Way”: An Exclusive Interview with the President of WKF – Karate's Controversial Road to the Olympics 2020 (pt.

The Shotokan Tiger Tora Enoeda stands out among Karate Legends. He was a Karate Master with awesomely powerful Karate technique and one of the most ...

André Bertel, Japan 2010.

Power lines are therefore a harmonious combination of these two engines and respective trajectories of techniques, which are prerequisite, if one's karate ...

André Bertel, Japan 2010.

Today I am feeling much better with a surge of energy, increased power and speed. Thanks to everyone who sent me `Get well' messages, I really appreciate it ...

... seminars in Christchurch turned out to be an exclusive event as most New Zealand karateka are still on holiday! This made the eight hours of karate all ...


2016 Asai Cup

Today I did this by utilising karate tachikata (stance) based stretches and dynamic stretches, which I believe are the most critical ...

Next time you see power lines when walking down the street or driving past them, think about the power lines of your techniques. Just like electrical wires, ...

IJKA-Asai Karate Seminar 2017 Germany ...

Sensei Giuseppe Formenton al IJKA global meeting | karate | Pinterest | Karate kata

... complete recovery. Domo arigato gozaimashita!

Correct shomen & hanmi

If you physically understand what I am talking about, with your body action, you are well on the way to executing high class martial arts karate.

Sensei Gichin Funakoshi of Shotokan Karate

Juegos del mundo Cali

André Bertel, Japan 2010.

Martial Arts, Kai, Marshal Arts, Martial Art, Combat Sport


Kakuyoku SanDan IJKA Asai Karate Shihan Dormenko 7 Dan.mpg - Most Popular Videos

Master Asai Memorial Karate-Camp 2016 in Luzern, Switzerland

Tetsuhiko Asai, Shotokan Karate, Moscow 1996. part 1

André Bertel, Japan 2010.

Karate-Do: My Way of Life - Gichin Funakoshi