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... .3 cut-off criteria suggested by Nunnally and Bernstein (1994), indicating the good association of these items with the total score of the STAI-T scale.

No item showed DIF related to gender, and only two showed age-related DIF: STAI-trait item 32 and STAI-state item 18 (-.54 logits and -.65).

O teste t-student revelou que os dois grupos amostrais apresentam diferenças significativas quanto ao total de AP (t(385)=8,08, p <0,001), ao total de AN ...

... not aim to assess anxiety nor depression, the levels of these aspects were measured to maintain the homogeneity of the groups, as presented in table 3.

... inglesa, com sólidos conhecimentos da língua portuguesa, apresentando as duas versões elevado grau de semelhança, confirmando-se a equivalência entre as ...

... avalia por meio de questões as reações funcionais, emocionais e catastróficas ao zumbido. Outra forma de avaliação é por meio da Escala Análogo-Visual ...

... SD, median, 5th and 95th percentiles (scores and percentage), estimates, and standard errors of skewness and kurtosis from the FDI, BDI, BAI, and STAI-Y ...

Concerning the correlations between Trait-STAI and HADS scores, state-depression revealed a positive but not significant correlation with trait-anxiety (r ...

... 3) reveal that the introduction of evidence in CP through a PAR can strongly improve the results under analysis.

No correlations were found between salivary cortisol values and the DLQI when analyzed as a categorical variable (Fs <1.6, Ps>0.14).

Corrected item-total correlations and missing value analyses for both instruments are reported in Tables 2 and 3. Only one BDI-II item ("Loss of interest in ...


There was a very small difference between anxiety scores (STAI-S) which were not statistically significant. The state anxiety level in both conditions was ...

... 1).

... anxiety were observed in both groups. Anxiety was higher in women in the familial GN group. Besides, low schooling was associated with higher scores of ...

Fig. 3.

Note: STAI-T = State-Trait Anxiety Inventory; EPDS = Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.

Figure 1 Schematic representation of the experimental timeline. The protocol comprised three phases: baseline assessment (2 sessions), ...

Factorial structure of depressive symptoms in Anglophone Caribbean university students: psychometric properties of the beck depression inventory-II

Figure 1 Profile of STAI-state and STL in response to VMST and TME. STAI = State-Trait Anxiety Inventory; STL = Self-evaluation of tension level; ...




Regarding FAM-PT, results showed very low correlations between COGNITIVE Subscale and STAI-State (r=.28, p <0.01) and STAI-Trait (r=.

Additionally, in order to verify the distribution of the anxiety level presented by patients from each oncological group to the classification in trait ...


Conclusão: A correlação fraca entre a DMO e o TBS de L1-L4, confirma que o TBS mede propriedades ósseas diferentes da DMO. Estes resultados sugerem que a ...

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Table 3 . principal codes found during data analysis organised by themes.

Table 5 Pearson's correlations between STAI and Burns-A

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Mean of the scores obtained in State-Anxiety (STAI).

Fig. 1 Scree plot analysis of the factors.

Fig. 1

Modelos base de la Escala para la Detección de la Ansiedad Social para

Flow-chart of participants during the study period, including control and cocoa groups.

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Ver continuación tabla 1

Fig. 1. Casein kinase 1 epsilon (CSNK1E) haplotype block. A linkage

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J.A. López-Pina | Doctor in Psychology | University of Murcia, Murcia | UM | Department of Basic Psychology and Methodology | ResearchGate



Oscar Lozano | PhD | Universidad de Huelva, Huelva | UHU | Departamento de Psicología Clínica, Experimental y Social | ResearchGate

Mean of the scores obtained in Trait-Anxiety (STAI).

Figure 1 Testing process of TabacoQuest for data collection in research on mental health

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Figure 1 Depression in case group vs control group.

PSI (Pneumonia Severity Index)

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TABLE 1 . Pre-treatment demographic and clinical characteristics of the 166 study children with

Materiais Nanoestruturados e Revestimentos Funcionais para aplicações em Conforto e Segurança -Fibrenamics Vasco Teixeira 24_Oct_2012



Nível C: Dados obtidos de opiniões consensuais de especialistas.

2016 Cadillac Escala Concept Interior 004

Association between duration of epilepsy and density of corpora amylacea in the neocortex (meningeal surface

Fig. 2


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... 3).

Fig. 1


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Predicted secondary structures of nuclear ITS-2 helix II (clockwise from 5´ termini to 3´termini) from Tetraselmis chiu, T. suecica and the Chilean strains ...

Figure 2.

Escala de Coma de Glasgow: tipos de respuesta motora y su puntuación


Reverse Coding a Likert Scale in Excel

3 Medians of T. melanosporum mycelium quantities at 15 and 30 cm from

Table 2 ...

imprimibles de medicamentos escala 1:12

Biel LIVE - Round 4

Patient classification according to STAI.



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Figure 1 Description of the allocation process and evaluation of the volunteers in the study

... posteriormente, a escala utilizada (determinada pela régua posicionada ao lado do local); automaticamente, o programa calculou a área total.

Revista Algarve Medico n1 by Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve - issuu

Frontiers | Synergistic Antimicrobial Interaction between Honey and Phage against Escherichia coli Biofilms | Microbiology

Joaquín T Limonero | Psychology. Ph.D | Autonomous University of Barcelona, Cerdanyola del Vallès | UAB | Stress and Health Research Group (GIES) | ...

Ferris Jabr Link to Article; 4.

Figure 4 Absolute errors (Residual values - estimated severity minus actual severity) assigned to groups of experienced evaluators for assessments with and ...

Wood is one of the most varied, useful and visually stunning naturally occurring materials on

... in the subcutaneous tissue with prominent rimming of the lymphocytes around the adipocytes (hematoxylin and eosin stain, original magnification × 600).

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Chart 3 Included studies in the sample and data presented on the nipple trauma - Sao Paulo, 2013

It is worth noting that during the process of adapting the long version (WHOQOL 100) into the more concise WHOQOL-bref version, similar psychometric ...