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Reformation Is Not Regeneration by Keith Daniel Ye Must Be Born

Reformation Is Not Regeneration by Keith Daniel Ye Must Be Born


“It will cost you absolutely everything to go through with God, but it will cost you far more not to.” - Keith Daniel #cost #everything #surrender. “

“God lifts the balances tonight. The judgment day is coming. Every day is a day of judgment. We are this moment being canvassed, inspected, weighed.

“In spiritual pride you can not hear correction.” - Don Courville #pride #spiritual #correction. “

The following essay is from the fourth and final full volume of Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics in English translation prepared by the Dutch Reformed ...

I. A bad rap--Why do the Reformed not evangelize?

Keith Anderson

by Dr. Joel Beeke and Mark Jones

Martin Luther Advocated the Raping of Nuns?

“Return to the battle again, no longer trusting in the false and insufficient human

Reformation: Luther & Calvin: John Calvin was an influential french theologian, pastor and reformer during the Protestant Reformation.


Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation in 1517.

Statues of William Farel, John Calvin, Theodore Beza, and John Knox at the centre of the International Monument to the Reformation in Geneva, Switzerland.

Charles Beard begins his Hibbert Lectures on The Reformation with these words: "To look upon the Reformation of the sixteenth century as only the ...

Keith Daniels. "Ye must be born again!"

James Robert White (born December is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, an evangelical Reformed Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix ...

I wish you all a Happy Reformation day. This video below from John Piper explains why almost 500 years later Evangelicals should still grateful to God for ...

Torben Søndergaard - Last Reformation

All About Luther

Apart from God, we are spiritually dead in our selfishness and rebellion. We are by nature children of wrath (Ephesians 2:3). Our rebellion is so deep that ...

Daniel Viezbicke

John Calvin was born today in 1509 -- John Calvin was an influential French theologian and pastor during the Protestant Reformation.

Have you ever been in a discussion in which it was asserted that Martin Luther added words to the Bible?

From 'Reformation on the Record'- Also, very excited about this upcoming event – a unique opportunity to hear the fantastic Jonathan Willis, ...

Your Daily Inspiration

Jason Meyer

Dan Holst

If a person declares he has trusted Christ as Savior, no one challenges his testimony

Ken Currie

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Richie Stark

Herrmann (1).jpg

Jon Nowlin

Charles Spurgeon, quote, God is sovereign in salvation.

What do we mean by “the gospel”? Answering this question is a bit more complex than we often assume. Not everything the Bible teaches can be considered “the ...

Daniel and the Universal Kingdom

Beggars All: Reformation And Apologetics: Justification: The doctrine upon which the church stands or falls

Gil McConnell

by John Owen

by Michael S. Horton

Liz Stein

Luther: For feelings come and feelings go, and feelings are deceiving; My warrant is the Word of God, Nought else is worth believing.

Universalism: Why We Must Be Born Again

Jeff Noyed

Tom Dodds

As we now proceed to consider in detail what exactly it is the Holy Spirit does to us in the application of redemption, I would remind you that I am not ...

John Calvin


by Geerhardus Vos

92: Danny Tanner Faith Journey (2017 Theo. Conf.)

Renee Warriner

The Rapture: The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card (#5)

A Vile Wretch

This review commemorates Richard Baxter's 400th birthday (11/12/1615).


Beggars All: Reformation And Apologetics: Luther: "The book of Esther I toss into the Elbe..."

Ninth Doctor

Early on Keller explained that the gospel-bringer is not like an adviser coming to tell us a set of how-to's, telling us to fight for our souls.

Interview 23: Bible Lock-Screens with Ryan Maher

Beggars All: Reformation And Apologetics: Luther: Christ…was the only Son of Mary, and the Virgin Mary bore no children besides Him

For it is not only the confession of our being-in-dependence, but it is also an expression of our remarkable freedom. We, in the Reformed tradition, ...

Podcast 81: My Life as a Stud (Jackie Hill-Perry)


Interview 34: From Pentecostal to Messianic Unitarian (Daniel Calcagno)

He blogs regularly at footnotes2plato.com.

Discerning the World ⋆ Discerning Biblical Answers for Christians in Todays World

Christopher Ash Daniel Henderson

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Greetings! I am Rev. Lucas Jackson Mann and I am an evangelist, preacher, teacher, and servant of Jesus Christ. I grew up in a Christian family and, ...

October 28, 2017. "

Missions: Your Church is Not Just an ATM

Society of Evangelical Arminians | John Wesley, Contemporary Wesleyanism and the Reformed Tradition



I became a Christian in the 70's,. attended church faithfully and engaged in all the activities although I only shared my faith when asked.

Beth Moore, John Piper leads the Youth into Lectio Divina at Louie Giglio Passion's Conference 2012 ⋆ Discerning the World


Luther in Love Cover

A Bold Advance Cover

False teacher Rick Warren promoting the Manhattan Declaration in a speech at the Roman Catholic Jesuit's

Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell On the Road for Another Europe: Remain and Reform Tour

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Reformation Sunday

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Bill Payne's “What is a Reformed Baptist Church?” back in print [Solid Ground] + English & Spanish PDF

... WatchReformation Is Not Regeneration Keith Daniel; WatchProving God Keith Daniel ...

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BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac's Hottest Record, British DJ and producer, George FitzGerald has shared 'Call It Love (If You Want To) (Feat. Lawrence Hart)'.

E. C. Morris, 1855-. Sermons, Addresses and Reminiscences and Important Correspondence, With a Picture Gallery of Eminent Ministers and Scholars.

Keith Green, 'jesus freak CCM pioneer'

Michael Daniels and his wife, Emily

Pope Francis met withIprotestant pastors