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Oh Jason why did you do that Poor Tim XD DC t Bat

Oh Jason why did you do that Poor Tim XD DC t Bat


Oh Jason, why did you do that? (Poor Tim XD)

XD poor Tim (but still good work dick)

Damian Wayne (Robin) vs Tim Drake (Red Robin). Poor Jason Todd (Red Hood) never accepted

World's Best Brother by Axis33 on DeviantArt oh my god Dick really poor Tim xD

Dami is so amazing!

Tim Drake as Robin, doing a job for Superman. xD

LOL I really need to learn all of these guys names other than Nightwing, Robin, and Batman. red robin tim drake (the one who order pizza)

Ohhhh Tim that roast xDDD need some water for that burn Damian. Dam Tim you

The Bat Brothers - Dami's first day in kindergarten

You are such a Tsundere, D. Rule 63 Damian Wayne and Mar'i Grayson - presumably of where everyone is the opposite gender of what they are in the core verse ...

Batman and Robin #11 - Jason Todd vs. Damian Wayne

His face is totally saying "Why you gotta ruin my fun, dad?" Imma do it dad daaaad!) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

I'm not sure if that's Jason, Tim, or Damian but whomever they are looks TERRIBLY innocent

I dont have any word

I love how Tim is hugging Steph.

D Hey there smexy Girl Problem 3

Aw. Poor Tim tho.

Oh Jason, why did you do that? (Poor Tim XD) | DC | Pinterest | Bat family, Bats and Tim drake

Bruce got the answering machine. they better run XD Blue is Dick grayson (Nightwing) red is Jason -bread-loving Todd (red hood) Black is Tim Drake (Red ...

laughingmagician: Tradition, by Gabzillaz. Robins in dresses. Look at poor Tim's face xD. Oh the joys of being Robin

DCU - jason todd, dick grayson ( robin ) < < < Excuse you they are referencing Tim drake

I drew this with appreciation for the lovely over msn chat, and then I cleaned it up in photoshop. Don't use that poor Robin for evil! Jason is (c) to DC ...

Jason and Tim XD I love their relationship

I don't know YOU tell me how did you learn to swear! (

10 year old Bruce loves jason

They all look cute poor Tim he got shot by jason and what's wrong with Damian

What it til doing to poor red hood

For all confused individuals: this isn't Voltron, it's Bat Family. Jason Todd and Tim Drake, 2nd and 3rd Robins. The joke is DC keeps changing co…

Me: You really still have that thing? Jason: Shut up! Me:

Tim Drake and Jason Todd

Jason would eat everyone's food and that's a fact.

DC Jayson Todd & Damian Wayne ''Don't Take My Toy!

Oh Jason, why did you do that? (Poor Tim XD) | DC | Pinterest | Bat family, Bats and Tim drake

Jason Todd and Tim Drake (c) DC Comics < < awww

I like how we can't tell if that's Jason or just a well-arranged pile of his clothes

Because Damian is a 10year old kid who sleeps 2 hours a day and drinks more

Find this Pin and more on Batman (and other DC stuff) by hafsareza.

Aww sniff.

Jason Todd & Tim ...

(Batman) Nightwing, Red Robin and Red Hood

snowzapped: Jason, you bastard! You were done three hours ago, kid. Workaholic Ninja Pillows need rest too. XD —- This happens quite frequently, I believe.


Damian <3 · Jason BatmanBat FamilyDc ...

<3 Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, & Damian Wayne.

Why are you gnawing on Dick's shoulder. Poor Dick. ---- lol Damian

Mari grayson and damian wayne poor dick jjajana

Sometimes I feel like Jason just needs his own dog. Like Dogmeat (no joke, that…

The condom freak xD

Art From the Inkwell

the sweetest kiss by Bloodmilkk on DeviantArt; LMAO, poor Flash! XD

This is the Jay and Tim relationship. Another perfect sum-up. < < does Jason have a gun in the last pic? No wonder Timmy is crying!


Awww the way Damian says disappointed because he only wants to please Bruce poor Damian

"Tim, Jason, I'm your brother.

Batman and Robin #10 Damian you are a seriously effed up little kid know that

Poor Jason Todd in Robin Wars

Robins - Dick, Jason, Tim, And Damian

Jason's "New" Rebirth Costume - Jason Todd / Red Hood, Nightwing / Dick Grayson, Damian / Robin, Tim Drake

Awww Alfred,tim,dick and jason at the end

Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Tim Drake (Robin III/ RedRobin). Dick doesnt much like that Tim chooses studying over quality brother time.

Oh Jason, why did you do that? (Poor Tim XD) | DC | Pinterest | Bat family, Bats and Tim drake


We don't kill. We don't kill... - Superboy · Tim DrakeDamian WayneJason ...

Who do you choose. See more. Dick Grayson being the adorable older brother he is. NO SMOKING JASON!

593 best A Bat & his Robins images on Pinterest | Batman family, Batman robin and Red hood

All the robins died once, Jason, Dami, Tim, Steph and Dick but Steph and Dick faked their deaths

Lol Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damien. i love batmans face

Jason hates PDAs, Dick and Barbara are fully aware of that

I'm more Jason than Tim in life but room wise I'm more Tim than Jason.

Batfam + ao3 tags part 2!!!!! tim drake

Damiam and Alfred look lile the only ones who are sober.... I'm sort of scared.

Tim's hair. Art by Inkydandy on Tumblr.

I wonder what DC is going to do with Damian when he leaves Batman's side.

Jason as a little boy

I'm thinking the Robins are Dick and Jason and then Red Robin is Tim also Batman is Damian

Batboys meets Pysch! And it is perfect. XD

even if he didn't die die I still cry watching him all beaten up and saying goodbye.

It's okay Tim, you'll always be my favorite Robin, next to Dick, of course. Damian and Jason can go jump off a cliff, however.

Bwahahaha, Tim's finally getting payback for all the times Jason probably did…

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whether their relationship be professional and complicated like in the comics or homoerotic like in the fanfiction and fanart, tim and jay have good ...

陳二二汪 : 塗塗畫笑臉的桶(騎士貓桶的 · Bat FamilyDc ComicsRed Hood Jason ...

dick grayson jason todd Damian Wayne tim drake Robins (birds of a feather) God Dang it Red Hood

bat boys too good for you

Tim's Teen Titan "Riffraff" are in Damian's father's kitchen.^^^^^^^^^^ "why did you start stuffing your costume? Talk about sass master here!

The Bat Family. I love how Dick and Damian are. And Jason.

Dick:Guys knock it off before I knock you off! Jason: Brats stop! Tim: Tell mini Wayne over here! Damien"That is my rightful spot! I earned it!

Jason and Tim in rock band shirts :D Tim: im so tired i'd like to be electrified *puts his hands on AC and DC* Jason: You're my prism because you are so ...

Tim and Connor · Bat FamilyBatman RobinDc ...

Robin 101: Tim Drake by Tragic-Ballerina ...

i'm so happy <-- cass cain and the bat family XD

Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne

get-along shirt <-- dick, tim, damian, and jason.

jason todd vs tim drake

Jason, that's not something you should brag about

World's Best Brother by Axis33 on DeviantArt oh my god Dick really poor Tim xD | Funny comic junk | Pinterest | deviantART, Bat family and Bats

jason todd | Tumblr