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National Service WLA ww1 scrapbook t Wwi

National Service WLA ww1 scrapbook t Wwi


Image is loading WA26-Vintage-WWI-Women-039-s-Land-Army-

DP Vintage Posters - National Service Women's Land Army Original WWI British Recruiting Poster I didn't know that there was a Women's Land Army during WWI.

National League for Women's Service - American WW1 Propaganda Posters

WWI Poster. 2nd Liberty Loan. Shall we be more tender with our dollars than

World War I British Army Recruitment Poster 1917 Your Chums Are Fighting by Anonymous


WWI Original Propaganda Poster by Adolph Treidler

WWI Poster - recruiting women for the Motor Corps of America

vintageeveryday: “ 66 amazing posters that encouraged Americans during World War One.

"This picture speaks to the women during world 1 who want to serve their country by farming for the soldiers overseas. The women were harvesting crops so ...

National Service Women's Land Army. "God Speed The Plough And The Woman Who Drives It" / H.G. Gawthorn ; D.A. & S. Ld. London

World War 1 Poster, Help in the harvest ice is needed to save food for the starving people of the world

Women's land army, WWI - America. World War IMilitary ...

World War I Poster, United Kingdom

Vintage Victory Garden Poster: "The seeds of victory insure the fruits of peace"

National Service Women Clerks Wanted Once

If only we had more girls like you

World War 1 Poster, United behind the service star, United War Work Campaign

WWI Poster. Food is Ammunition-Don't Waste It. U.S. Food Administration

"Don't Waste Food While Others Starve" (ca. States Food Administration Poster - Contributor: L. Source: National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road ...

I want you for the Navy promotion

WWII National Service poster for the Women's Land Army

December 1916 - British National Service Department Established Pictured - “Enrol to-day.” Britain's new Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, had promised to ...

WW1 in pictures: Poster women of World War One

Incredible photos from WW1 reveal the backbreaking and often dangerous work taken on by British women during the Great War

Wa67 Vintage Wwi Canadian British Empire War Recruitment Poster Ww1 A1/A2/A3/

A member of the Women's Land Army operating a single-furrow plough on a British farm during the First World War.

Artist: Hassall, John Title: British League of Help for the Devastated Area in

... eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month--Allied forces and Germany signed an armistice that ended the hostilities of World War I. Just ...

Posters Show How the Government Sold America on the First World War

German nickname for U. Devil dog recruiting station :: Posters from the First World War,

Emprunt National Societe Generale poster by Falter H. Subjects : Political,Loan,World War. Lithography from ca Parisposters only offers original vintage ...

Image: State Library of NSW. World War IThe ...

WWI Poster. Food Will Win the War. U.S. Food Administration. Delaware Public Archives

US Marines, WWI - America

World War 1 propaganda.

Marines poster

German troops in early trench warfare during 1914, WW1.

Reasons-for-wwi-internment 10.jpg 541×700 pixels

1912ModelTAmb.2; 1912ModelTAmb.1 ...

Advert for the Women's Land Army, placed in the press in June and July 1917

WWI US Marines Poster

Royal Navy Poster from WW1

national JEWISH WELFARE BOARD WWI war enlistment poster HISTORIC 24X36 rare

WWI propaganda poster

Manchester Workers Week, 1918

Your country needs you--Learn to be of national service - join the Navy League - Help the Navy - local headquarters. Woman in uniform holding megaphone and ...

http://catalogue.redcross.org.uk/images/2355. Military ForceWorld War OneWomen's ...

Join the Navy - The Service for Fighting Men - Vintage Poster. World War IVintage ...


Researching WW1 Land Girls

Britain's Day Dec. 7th 1918

Anzac day Australia/ New zealand, brave ww1 soldiers we will never forget.

'Independence calls for the bravest man" WWI Welsh recruiting poster

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Discover facts about Lord Horatio Kitchener a British military leader who organised armies on an unprecedented scale during World War One

World War I Propaganda Posters

During WWI, propaganda was an important strategy to get people to enter the war. This form of recruiting went up on posters everywhere.

WW1 Posters Exercise (run4)

headline from April 6th 1917 - The United States joined the war on the sides of

World War I Minibooks and Notebook Pages


Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | Austro-Hungarian WW1 Propaganda Posters Page 3 "the

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Ww1 Art, Vintage Nurse, Medical History, Hospitals, Nurses, Florence Nightingale, Krieg, Wwi, Pinup

A female worker assists with the alignment of a ship's propeller on Tyneside. First World War Poetry Digital Archive.

ww1 carte de postale - Google Search

1918 WWI Womens Land Army by Guenther Vintage Military Poster PRINTED BY: The American Lithographic

A World War I recruitment poster, featuring John Bull pointing accusingly at the reader, with the text 'Who's absent?' Behind him rows of soldiers can be ...


Soldier, on the way to hospital after being bandaged at Field Dressing Station, shows

Keep the Home Garden Going - Vintage Poster

World War 1 Poster - Join the Air Service--Learn-Earn

Your country needs you--Learn to be of national service -

Flowers from the front line: A scrapbook filled with pressed flowers that a soldier sent

WWI Poster. This is what God gives us. What are you giving so that others may live? U.S. Food Administration.

Prince Albert residents bring soldiers WWI home ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring home and home decor

Little Americans, WWI - America.

First World War letters of Driver Arthur Horsnell, Army Service Corps

“How Did 12 Million Letters Reach WW1 Soldiers Each Week?” BBC IWonder, BBC, www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zqtmyrd.

The Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops

First World War british propaganda posters horses - Google Search

Women Navvies pushing loaded wheel barrows in Coventry during World War I, circa 1917.

$9.31 - 1917 "Wanted 25000 Nurses" Wwi Us Student Nurse Reserve Poster - 16X24

American soldiers sleep in the London law courts. Underwood and Underwood, ca. 1917. World War IThe ...

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | Italian WW1 Propaganda Posters

Dinge en Goete (Things and Stuff): This Day in World War 1 History: Mar Woodrow Wilson's first inaugural address

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor http://www.wartimefarm.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/womens-land-army -poster.jpg

Who doesn't love a tea break? A tea break for the workers of the British Oil Cake Company, Manchester, WWI

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | Every life saved by efficient medical aid is a blow

WWI Poster produced by the newly established Ministry of Munitions during World War One. Date

Russian WWI poster, "Russia stands for truth". The double-headed dragon shows the beards of the Austrian Emperor and the German Emperor.

Women in World War 1 - Two women replace the traditionally male porters at Marylebone Station in London during the First World war.

Farmerettes of the Woman's Land Army of America took over farm work when the men were called to wartime service in WWI. (Corbis)

It is going to be a long drawn-out struggle

The adventures of front-line Flora

Some questions to ask