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Mr Long and many members of the local Navajo Ute and Paiute

Mr Long and many members of the local Navajo Ute and Paiute



Moapa Southern Paiute, Paiute woman and girl wearing traditional Paiute basket hats. Baby swaddled

Paiute Indians P.20 :: Utah State Historical Society - Classified Photographs

Photo of a Navajo same-sex couple from the film “Two Spirits” taken

Chief Crane of the Potawatomi, holding tomahawk and with unidentified Native American man in a

A Ute Bear Dance being performed on the Uintah-Ouray Reservation in 1924

Two Paiute children, Mon-su and Su-vu-it, photographed in

Sarah Winnemucca was born in 1842 the daughter of Chief Winnemucca, leader of the Paiutes

Members of the Ute tribe are seen on the Ute reservation in this collection of photos

Paiute mother and children, c.1900, photographer unknown. (Photoshopped b&w version


Native American, Chief Ouray of the Ute Indian Tribe was considered a peacemaker and was well respected by many people of his era.

Paiute man - circa 1870

A Navajo grandmother with her granddaughter in Monument Valley

Pah-Ute (Paiute) Indian group, near Cedar, Utah. Taken in 1872.

A Ute warrior and his bride in 1874, photograph by John K. Hillers.

Native American Indian Pictures: Navajo Indian Tribe, Pictures and Illustrations

Black and white image of two men on horse back

Paiute man - circa 1870


Paiute boys - circa 1870 - by ??? (Photoshopped b&w version)

The Ute Chief Atchee, date unknown.

A group of Goshute Indians, date unknown

A group of Utes taken prisoner at Fort Meade, South Dakota, about 1906

Find this Pin and more on NA - Nūmūnūū (Shoshone, Comanche, Ute, Paiute) by Manworldblog.

Francis and Clyde Sam around 1924, two Paiute Indians from Nevada and Yosemite Valley -

Indians who are related to the Northern Paiute warm springs native american tribes

Ute man

Janelle Doughty, a member of the SOUTHERN UTE Indian Tribe and director of social services for the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe,

Southern Paiute women wearing Ute dresses. Women are wearing baskets for seed gathering and are

Paiute Indian woman basket maker of Yosemite Valley, ca.1900 :: California Historical

Navajo Indian Medicine Man by TRiver, via Flickr

An old photograph of a Ute Woman and Children 1910.

Ute people - Delegation of Ute Indians in Washington, D.C. in 1880. Background:

Local trading post owner Harry Goulding (c. 1925 with wife “Mike”), once described by a Hollywood studio worker as a Gary Cooper type, was responsible for ...

rugged area south of the Colorado River had held refuge for Hoskannini and his band of Navajos when they were being pursued by Kit Carson and the U.S. Army, ...

Paiute boys - no date

Ute man with blanket, Navajo Springs:

Ford made seven movies in Monument Valley (1956′s The Searchers, with Jeffrey Hunter, John Wayne and Harry Carey Jr.). (Courtesy Everett Collection)

Image result for tribes protest bears ears in washington dc

Published in Free Range Report: "President Obama's consideration of designating the 1.9 million acre Bears Ears National Monument begs the follow-up ...

... Ute Chief Buckskin Charley Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune David W. Pershing, University of Utah president ...

wpe9.jpg (26492 bytes)

In 1863, skirmishes between U.S. troops and Navajo compelled the U.S. government to order the relocation of the Indians to a reservation 350 miles to the ...

wpe4.jpg (9409 bytes)

A Navajo man in ceremonial mask and costume, date and location unknown

... president Ute Tribe .


Captivity, Adoption, Marriage and Identity: Native American Children in Mormon Homes, 1847-1900.

... Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune Ute tribal elder Leo Tapoof gives opening words and ...

Indian termination policy - Republican Senator Arthur Watkins of Utah was the chief Congressional proponent of

Southern Utes. Ouray & Chipeta on right. Credit: U.S. Signal Corps.

Ute Indian Man by Harry H. Buckwalter 1901

Bishop Paiute Tribe - Image: Bishop paiute women 1940

Navajo family sitting on ground by tree, Monument Valley, 1960s

Ouray (Ute leader) - Ouray and Chipeta

Washington Redskins name controversy - Image: Not Your Mascot

Paiute War-(photo: Numaga)- The Paiute War also known as the

Meet the First Class of Dreamstarter Teachers

John Ford in Monument Valley (c. 1939) on the set of Stagecoach. (The Kobal Collection)

Ouray (Ute leader) - Buckskin Charlie and John McCook reburying Ouray's bones, Ignacio


Member of the Shivwits Band, in 1875, being baptized by Mormon Missionaries.

Paiute women, 1860s, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Ute Indian .

... Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune David W. Pershing, University of Utah president Ute ...

... Utes: Buckskin Charlie - War Chief of the Utes ...


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Navajo Nation Council Delegate[edit]


Navajo Nation - Navajo girl Canyon de Chelly, (1941) Ansel Adams

Carlos Perez

Delores Apache

Paiute Jim and wife - Paiute - 1867 Read more: http://amertribes

“Your bogus claim that the Navajo and the Hopi were having land disputes when the truth was they weren't, was refreshing to me and reminded me of my ...

"Yaz-Yah" , A Navajo Girl , New Mexico , 00-10s. "

Photo- Perez Hilton

Old Navajo man

Navajo Pinned by indus® in honor of the indigenous people of North America who have influenced our indigenous medicine and spirituality by virtue o…

Angie weaving a traditional Paiute cradleboard.

If Washington designates a new 1.9-million-acre national monument, area communities will suffer.

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Jonathan Nez, Vice President, Navajo Nation, speaks during a press conference at the Salt Lake Marriott City Center Monday, December 4, 2017.

Navajo - Untitled. Ansel Adams. 1941. Taken near Canyon de Chelly