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JLA Foreign Bodies The Many Faces of Aquaman t

JLA Foreign Bodies The Many Faces of Aquaman t


JLA: Foreign Bodies

Titans Tomorrow Aquawoman


JLA Secret Files (1997) 2004

Absolute Power Justice League

1986 Justice League of America


... jla40-12.jpg ...

Legend of Aquaman #1 by Curt Swan

Primeval Aquaman

Justice League: The New Frontier


Aquaman with beard, long hair and harpoon hand

JLA Foreign Bodies (1999) 1

Manta offers to trade Aquababy's life for Aquaman's, a deal the Sea King reluctantly agrees to. But the situation is made even more precarious with the ...

I never thought I'd say it, but Aquaman is awesome.

Multiversity: Guidebook by Yildiray Cinar, colours by Dave McCaig *

Over the course of three issues and with many different artists thrown into the mix, let alone the many Supermen and Superwomen, there is so much happening ...

Black Manta, it must be said, had one of the coolest looks in villaindom–a really great design. He's out for revenge against Atlantis, and while he can't ...

The story opens with Two-Face narrating to an unseen audience his experiences with the JLA. Having seemingly eliminated the threat last issue, ...

Another subscription copy of the giant JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA run that Steve Englehart was producing

My Aquaman isn't owned by any corporation, open to any critic's challenge, or amendable as a concept even by myself. Which, counter-intuitively, makes "my" ...

After a double-page feature showcasing Aquaman's rather bizarre and off-putting rogue's gallery, the issue segues into an Aqualad story taken from the pages ...

DC Sneak Peeks for May 13

AA T ¶ ⒞

Justice League Vol. 1: Origin (The New 52)


Manic Monday--The Best Aquaman Movie Has Already Been Written!!

Uppercuts the shit out of evil Aquaman

It came in the mail, folded in half as was the custom of the time

Rock of Ages Flash

The big attraction of Aquaman during the period these stories were culled from was the artwork of Nick Cardy, who had more recently been DC's designated ...

(TOLD you he couldn't help but notice!) In fighting the Weaponers, it's the JLA themselves who are drawing the Dronndarians' deadly energy into our ...

Justice Aquaman

Son of Superman JLA

... line at this point, and I really didn't like his stuff all that much, especially as compared to his predecessor, Nick Cardy, who was and is a master.

Aquaman: silliest superhero in comics resurfaces as a serious character | Culture | The Guardian

ComicsThe Importance ...

But when Aquaman's brother Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, learns of his homeland's fate, he'll stop at nothing to return to Atlantis as its king and savior!

Because while certain heroes can't seem to handle a tiny pool of piranha without losing body parts.

Let's start a countdown shall we? With Dr Manhattan creating Superman…

Credit: DC Comics

Time and Tide

I picked up this issue of ADVENTURE COMICS primarily for the Manhunter from Mars back-

JLA. Superman Poster (art by Jonboy Meyers)

Oracle's Tenure with the JLA, Part 6: End

Supports a pillar holding up a skyscraper

A rule that's broken for a specific reason which results in a deliberately created and successful specific effect is the mark of considerable craft rather ...

Deathstroke meets Deadpool.jpg

2. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


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Aquaman - Introduction

Which meant that even though underwater was his specialty, it was not his exclusive purview. He was the underwater guy, in the Justice League (Justice ...

Aquaman vs. Hipster. Oh god, "The Hipster" is a terrible idea for a villain.

Throws King Shark through a building

Aquaman #28

Throws Cerberus' head through the gates of Hades

The Unemployed Geek: Aquaman #1: No One's Favorite Superhero Returns.

Arriving in Miami, Aquaman and the Elongated Man find the city being evacuated, as a mysterious death ray is causing people to drop over dead.


"Oreo's for Life": Martian Manhunter Appreciation [Archive] - CBR Community

On Batman, Grant Morrison, The JLA & Mark Millar - This Week's Instalment Of "Shameless? The US Superhero Comics Of Mark Millar"

David Hyde (Prime Earth)

A portal opens over a major city and spews forth thousands of mindless alien-lizard-robots looking to conquer another world in the name of a death-obsessed ...

First 3 Minutes Of 'Justice League' Have Arrived With Henry Cavill's CGI Face

Bulletproof? Not 100%, the one that hit him in the head made him bleed a little, and pissed him off.


Arrt by Phil Jimenez

...but Aquaman is no match for Aquabeast!

JLA Power And Glory DC Comics HARDCOVER Graphic Novel SEALED Comic Book J280

Justice League Origin didn't do anything for me. I'll still give the next volume a try to see if it gets better. ...more

According to the DC wiki, Aquaman “possesses superhuman strength on the order of 150 times human maximum,” which would make him barely strong enough to lift ...

JLA: World Without Grown-Ups #1

Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1: Beware Their Power


James Mottram

... chest? - Vibe? Is that the 90's calling - a black superhero with a name out of the Ebony magazine "top 100 ethnic-sounding names for your baby"?

We don't even get to see J'onn get beat down. The issue OPENS with his eye dangling out…and his plastic body dangling unconsciously in space.

In the latest re-jiggered ...

Another month brought another subscription copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA to my mailbox. I

Oracle's Tenure with the JLA, Part 6: End

Justice League v3 013 (2017)

Green Arrow

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in "Justice League." | Warner Bros. Pictures


The quick cuts between the different plots keep it moving at break-neck pace. While the resolution of the plot of Aquaman's ...


flash 199-07.jpg


Justice League Origin wasn't very good. The artwork looked nice, but the story was weak at best. Everything is going to hell and the government is still ...

That's why really interesting characters like Cyborg and Martian Manhunter are mainly just in Justice League comics, because they don't have very good ...

Aquaman - Batman Being a Dick

Aquaman by Peter David Vol. 1 (DC Comics, Order Code NOV170357)

Oliver Queen, Green Arrow