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How far north did the Neanderthals go ScienceNordic history

How far north did the Neanderthals go ScienceNordic history


A coup de poing (French for 'blow of the fist') is a Lower Paleolithic stone hand axe, pointed or ovate in shape with sharp cutting edges.

Did Neanderthals ever make it to Scandinavia? If not, then it wasn't the climate that kept them away. (Photo: Shutterstock)

DNA analysis of a 35,000 year-old skull suggests that early Eurasian hunter-gatherers migrated back to Africa, some 45,000 years ago. The skull was that of ...

Archaeologists are disagreeing about whether or not the Neanderthals travelled all the way up to Scandinavia. A new research project seeks to settle the ...

Neanderthal family portrait

Who was Naledi?

History of settlement and migration of Finland THE ORIGINS OF FINNS "...There

325,000-year-old stone tools go to prove that our forefathers were far better at collaborating and planning than we thought.

Neanderthal. "

Scientists have sequenced a 37,000-year-old genome. The results show that present-day Scandinavians are the closest living relatives to the first people in ...

The Polish painter Henryk Siemiradzki painted the funeral ritual of Vikings in what is now Russia, in accordance with descriptions by Ahmad ibn Fadlan.

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L'exposition Lascaux III a ouvert ses portes à Bordeaux

Forskare vid bland annat Stockholms universitet har upptäckt en tidigare okänd folkvandring. Det handlar om

Pre-historical human exsistence-----This shows where Neanderthals populated and compares the body to ours

Neanderthal caves.... I want to



Modern human and Neanderthal model

Original Russian is Black - 26,000 B.C

In fact, it's more of a branching tree, telling the story of our origins in Africa and our migrations throughout the world.

Bildergebnis für neanderthal skull reconstruction

denisovans images - Yahoo Image Search Results

View of the main street in Gerasa as seen from the Sanctuary of Zeus Olympios . Credit: Rubina Raja

Neandertal with spear.

Bill Nye on evolution

anatomically modern human skull and neanderthal skull - Google Search

shutterstock_164724497_0.jpg.crop_display.jpg [12]. How far north did the Neanderthals go?

Sex with Neanderthals

Scientists ...

The largest known razorbill, or auk, was a powerful swimmer that couldn't fly. Our ancestors carved images of the Great Auk in caves 35,000 years ago.

The coloured area indicates the Khazars' territory, one of the regions where travelling Arab writers describe having met Vikings.

May 30, 2018 by Achim Lichtenberger, Aarhus University, ScienceNordic


Tribes of the north

Lake Baikal in south-central Siberia, where the village of Mal'ta is situated. The genome of the MA-1 revealed that an Upper Palaeolithic population from ...

ancient post-glacial boat societies

.child Neanderthal

English mass grave contains remains of Viking Great Army | ScienceNordic

Evidence uncovered of a 1500-year-old massacre in Sweden | ScienceNordic

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The Hohenstaufen Dynasty, 1138-1254 – Medieval Germany

The NYC Municipal Archives Online Gallery provides free and open research access to over items digitized from the Municipal Archives' vast holdings, ...

Pieces of a Great Auk skeleton, from the storage rooms of the Natural History Collections of UiB. Left to right: 1 Cranium, 2. lower jaw (right side) 3. ...

In the manuscripts from Ahmad ibn Fadlan and others, Jonsson Hraundal has extracted some new knowledge about how Vikings behaved in the East.

Genetic analyses of a 5,000-year-old corncob shows how early farmers modified what would go on to become one of the world's most important crops.


This Face Changes the Human Story. But How? Homo naledi

May 1, 2018 by Jannick Friis Christensen, Sara Louise Muhr, Copenhagen Business School, ScienceNordic

Scientists have re-examined the bog bodies of Denmark, like Tollund Man shown here. Credit: Museum Silkeborg

Early Neanderthals in Italy: Researchers analyzed radioactive deposits in…

Rebuilding the Neanderthal past.

Archaeologists uncover remains of a horrifying Iron Age battle in Denmark

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A cross section through the MA-1 individual's humerus. The central void is the medullary cavity. (Photo: Thomas W. Stafford, Jr.)

... wondering if maybe the pictures are racist, since they imply a predator race of Neanderthals with remarkably dark skin (and remarkably small genitalia).

Separation happened 650.000 years ago

Images of find.

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Researchers are now trying to figure out how past disasters can help us in the future. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Cro Magnon Man

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... wondering if maybe the pictures are racist, since they imply a predator race of Neanderthals with remarkably dark skin (and remarkably small genitalia).

Egtvedpigen anno 1987 i skikkelse som Signe Andersen. Optaget i Nationalmuseets palæhave.

1974 reconstruction of physical appearance of the Cro-Magnon girl Sunghir 3 by T.S. Surnina

ATLANTEAN GARDENS: The Cro Magnon Invasions


The Neanderthals occupied Europe for hundreds of thousands of years.

New Viking graves discovered in Denmark


Reconstruction of Magdalenian Woman by sculptor Elizabeth Daynes at Scenes from the Stone Age: The

morocco-160000-homo-sapiens tasmanians_5

The mountain gorilla has lived an isolated life in small groups for many years. This has led to intensive inbreeding but has, according to the scientists, ...

Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: Genome of Kostenki-14, an Upper Paleolithic European (Seguin-Orlando, Korneliussen, Sikora, et al. 2014)

A famous Danish Bronze Age icon turns out not to be Danish after all | ScienceNordic

Is she CroMagnon? [Archive] - The Apricity Forum: A European Cultural Community

David Reich's summary of the population history of Europe [Archive] - The Apricity Forum: A European Cultural Community

Unorthodox Gospels were copied in the earliest Christian monasteries

The most celebrated archaeology story in recent memory is the 2013 confirmation that bones thought to belong to King Richard III, found beneath a parking ...

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Burial of the MA-1 Mal'ta child redrawn from Gerasimov (1935), with photos of the plaque and swan from the burial and a representative Venus figurine from ...

These 44 turquoise beads were found in a Bronze Age urn in 1885 [Credit: ScienceNordic]

37 – EL – Cube – Moon – Sun

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Gene flow in the late pleistocene (Kay Prüfer et al)

Other sources say that Tarikha, Zarifah or Saffureh was the same as Keturah. In fact these names all appear to be etymologically related or varied spellings ...

Reconstruction of a Neanderthal child from Gibraltar by the Anthropological Institute, University of Zürich.

David Reich's summary of the population history of Europe [Archive] - The Apricity Forum: A European Cultural Community

Neanderthal skull, Gibraltar 1

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