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Did you know that over half of Australian parents of children

Did you know that over half of Australian parents of children


My two daughters are half Filipino. As in their father is Filipino and I am as white Australian as you get. When I was pregnant with my first child I didn't ...

Lorelei Vashti with her husband and two children

Each Australian state and territory runs its own universal newborn hearing screening program. This is because early intervention ensures that your child ...

People walk on Flinders Street in Melbourne. Australia ...

Linda Geddes with her son and daughter. Some children may one day be unhappy with

The lady behind us was doing what we all do when we see a baby in the row In front- thinking “good bye sleep!” I always dreaded being that babies parent.

Renee and Grant Pettifer with their kids Emily 14, Nicolaas 11, Zoe 10, andd Stephanie, 1, at home in Hill Top. p. Picture: Tim Hunter

Angela Levin, left, and Alyson Corner.

mother and child looking at a molecular model

A family in Battambang, Cambodia, supported by the Cambodian Children's Trust which works to

Child Adoption in Thailand

Emily Writes first book Rants in the Dark is "definitely not a parenting manual"

How do you build a strong family? It's about love, belonging, security –

Amanda Mergler with her family: partner Stephen, and kids Ben and Sophie.

Kids as young as eight are at risk of developing gambling problems Almost half of Australian children have gambled according to new research.

Children at Bubup Wilam child care centre colour in.

George spends half the week with each of his divorced parents

An Aboriginal child is being painted for a dance festival in Northern Queensland, Australia.

There were only 278 adoptions finalised in Australia from 2015-2016.

family Culture and Family Life in Australia

Recently I've been thinking it's about time I tell a little more about myself. If you hadn't noticed, I've introduced myself here as Shinobu.

Children reveal 'hidden sadness' of parents spending too much time on mobile phones in heartbreaking video

Only one in three Australian parents feel confident identifying if their child has a mental health issue and more than half don't know where they would go ...

How to Parent Like a German

The report says parents are likely to bear the brunt of expansion costs

The stages of car restraints

Did you know 75 per cent of Australia's original tropical rainforest has been cleared since the late 18th century? There's been so much agricultural, ...

Mama may have called the doctor every time one of those five little monkeys bumped his head, but what do you do when it's your little monkey? The toddler ...

Home work help to help kids


Photograph: Felicity McCabe for the Guardian

Childcare shake-up neglects family day care workers, but we can learn from garment workers' experience

A toddler cries during a tantrum.

They don't encourage their kids to be independent.

A woman should not be forced to become a mother any more than a man should

Reese Witherspoon, 40, and her 17-year-old daughter Ava could be

Science Says Happier People Are Raised by Parents Who Do This 1 Thing | Inc.com

So it's been four weeks of seeing sunsets, walking on the beach, taking photos, and spending time together as a family. Oh, as well as spending plenty of ...

Parent and child parking supermarket

A bag of ice, about four-fifths of an ounce, next to a


Daphne and her son Wylie near their home in Rockhampton in April 2017. Wylie is

For those of you keeping track, Meghan Markle has already been married to Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013, but does she have any children?

Barnados Australia Jodie and her sons.

Game of Thrones actor Raleigh Ritchie launches the National Trust campaign to help children engage with

Researchers have found that the more time children spend chatting online, the less happy they

This is my best friend, and my nephew (isn't he the cutest?), who is half black and half European Caucasian. You can tell he's half black by taking one look ...

A special moment was when Jasper was selected to Captain the Australian Colts Polo Team to play against England. Australia won and Jasper picked up MVP

Heather Ilott, who was disinherited by her estranged mother, was this week awarded £

Parents warned about kids casting scams

By Kevin DaumInc. 500 entrepreneur and best-selling author @KevinJDaum

australia cricket team

Many Doctors Give In When Parents Want to Space Out Vaccines

What did you really do, dad?

Fiona Nash and Barnaby Joyce

Wellington blogger Emily Writes is a kind of a Jedi Master Yoda for mothers.

There were 79 cases of measles reported in France in the first two months of 2017

Guide to government family benefit payments

-Caitlin Welsh

Adi (on the left) and another child at the orphanage

The Achiever, the Peacemaker and the Life of the Party: How Birth Order Affects Personality | HuffPost

... into the new school year here in Australia and one thing is frustrating me more than assessments, meetings and a new bunch of rascals combined. PARENTS!

I don't know how this got to over 9000 views without me noticing!!! I'm on here every day three times a day & somehow I missed it!

Spending too much time at work when their children are young is a parent's chief regret | Daily Mail Online

Many parents regret smacking their child - but has it become the norm?

Deraj Wilson-Aggarwal portrait. '

11 Kids and Wanting More, Lifestyle You, Australia The controversy surrounding this reality soap has less to do with the number of kids Darren and Dale ...

Helen Miller on Twitter: "Monday's TIMES: 30,000 children in gangs #tomorrowspaperstoday… "

Dr Sarah Oxenbridge is an expert on why parents struggle with balancing work and home life

An African-American GI dancing with a white girl at the Bouillabaisse Club in London's

Brandy Jaynes, 36, allegedly locked her son in an upstairs bathroom for two years

There's additional red tape if you're travelling with family to South Africa

6 problems with the foster care system — and what you can do to help

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Children who kill - From shootings t.


Ten's Great Australian Spelling Bee slides below 400,000 as Nine's Love Child heads to season finale

Two cases of dry drowning have made national news. The condition is rare but occurs

Anthony's mother and Perry Sr holding him as a baby

How can parents be expected to make a fully informed decision about what's best for their child when we are only ever given half of the story by GPs, ...

'Black-ish' Political Episode Canceled Over 'Creative Differences' – Variety

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and her mother Lynn Faber at home, Nov. 9,



No time for the family? You are not alone: Parents and children spend less than an hour with each other every day because of modern demands | Daily Mail ...

HBR Family Lawyers was recently featured in The West Australian, discussing family law matters in relation to Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) workers.