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Did you know that ANATOMETAL cluster rings look jewelry

Did you know that ANATOMETAL cluster rings look jewelry


Did you know that ANATOMETAL cluster rings look awesome in conch piercings too? I could resist the bling no longer and put this in my ear yesterday!

Can't decide which I covet more, the conch or the tunnel!

Anatometal Titanium Bezel-Set Captive Gem Cluster Ring - Can fully customize all four gems and the color of the titanium!

Anatometal Captive Gem cluster supported by two black niobium rings! Have availability today and a

We have several fancy Anatometal forward facing gem circular barbells with captive gem clusters in stock! Come in and buy someone some fanciness for Xmas!

Anatometal Super 7 Gem Cluster Ring anodized Rainbow with Salmon Pink, Artic Blue accents and

Cody got to do this lovely daith piercing for Amy. She picked out an @ anatometal 4 gem CZ captive bead ring cluster, as well as a 5 gem threaded cluster for ...

Anatometal 7 Gem Cluster Ring

Love this Anatometal gemmed seam ring in this healed helix piercing! Very unique look to a very classic piercing.

Healed piercing by Tobias Vallone of Comes a Time. Jewelry by Anatometal.

Check out Anatometal Titanium Bezel-Set Captive Gem Cluster Ring 16g 14g 12g 10g from

Anatometal — infinitebody: Captive bezel clusters, from.

While in murica I still get to have fun doing daiths with (piercing guru sent from the gods) Featuring this badass cluster from anatometal caus that's how ...

Anatometal Titanium 3 Gem Cluster Labret, great for Cartilage, Tragus, Forward Helix,

The Anatometal cluster fairy sprinkled that genuine Swarovski and opalescent glitter on our studio today!

@krystalklos did this fresh daith piercing with a beautiful niobium @anatometal ring and captive

Like this double gem cluster from @Anatometal

Felicia had us custom order her this @anatometal cluster with a beautiful opal rainbow combination she came up with. She stopped in today and had her helix ...


She picked out this stunning captive bead ring cluster featuring Champagne, Peridot and Black CZ gems from our friends at anatometal.

Healed 14g conch not done by us, but we certainly upgraded the Jewellery to this beautiful titanium Anatometal arc cluster.


Some gorgeous nipple jewelry for you from Anatometal! Titanium Marquise Foward Facing Barbells

anatometal circular barbell - Google Search

body piercing jewellery - anatometal - double ended internally threaded gemstone cluster nipple bars

Anatometal implant grade steel captive bead ring with a cluster of black opals, hand set in implant grade titanium and anodized bronze.

Dark Purple Anatometal Titanium Circular Barbell with Cluster Gems

Captive Bead Rings - ANATOMETAL - Professional Grade Body Piercing Jewelry ~ Materials: Stainless Steel - Titanium - Gold - Niobium Sizes: from to

Daith piercing hooked up with a simple 14g niobium captive ring. Did you know…

This anatometal cluster is the perfect compliment to her tragus we did last month. Looking great, Savannah.

7/16", 14ga Circular Barbell with Captive Gem Cluster in ASTM F-

anatometal cluster tragus - Google Search

_4; _0 ...

1/2", 14ga Side-Set Gem Barbells with Clusters in ASTM F

Anatometal | Threaded Gem Arc Cluster - Avanti Body Piercing & Fine Jewelry

Front Facing Circular Barbells - ANATOMETAL - Professional Grade Body Piercing Jewelry ---- I want this so badly, but I have a suspicion that it would not ...

Here we have a fresh 14g septum piercing that we did with this stunning piece!! All solid implant grade titanium from Anatometal, we have a 3/8" front set ...

That picture we posted earlier this week of the anatometal cluster barbells got quite a bit of attention. Here they are in a new pair of nipple piercings on ...


This jewel cluster ring from Anatometal decorates this piercing quite well.

kbellavia. Anatometal Titanium Captive Cluster Ring ...

Have a look at this fresh 14g 3/8" (10mm) septum piercing done by Matt with an amazingly beautiful titanium classic cluster from Anatometal.

ANATOMETAL Titanium forward facing circular barbel with synthetic white opal gems, and a captive gem cluster with genuine Moonstone and synthetic light blue ...

ANATOMETAL Blurple Titanium Captive Gem Cluster Ring. Colors: Center Gem: Light Purple

Titanium navel cluster

Did you know that naturally blue Tanzanite is extremely rare? Most is heat treated in a furnace, with a temperature between degrees Celsius for two hours to ...

Anatometal Rose Gold Titanium 5 Gem Cluster -Curve Navel or Rook Jewelry with Garnet and

I just did this beautiful daith piercing with an Anatometal gemmed cluster ring. I am

Flower Nostril Screws - ANATOMETAL - Professional Grade Body Piercing Jewelry

Anatometal Titanium Captive Bead Ring w/ 7 Gem Cluster 16 Gauge 16g

She had Cody pierce her conch with this beautiful five gem cluster from filled with light purple opals.

Captive black opal cluster anodized bronze from Anatometal.

5/16", 12ga Segment Ring with Cluster in ASTM F-136 titanium

A segment ring from Anatometal. These can be completely customized from the gauge to the

Titanium Jewelry, White Opal, Modern Jewelry, Body Jewellery, Opals, Piercing Ideas, Navel, Piercings, Dangles

1/2", 14ga Side-set Gem Barbells with Clusters in ASTM F

7/16", 14ga Navel Cluster w/Dangle in ASTM F-136

Champagne and CZ colors : implant grade titanium cluster from anatometal

Fresh Surface piercing with Sky Blue Opals from Anatometal! We have 1-2 openings

3/8", 14ga Circular Barbell with Captive Gem Cluster in solid 18k rose

My new smaller daith hoop, conch hoop, helix opal, and 8g turquoise

Did you know we make our Threaded Flowers in different sizes? We thought you …

Another elegant 5 cz cluster from Anatometal and her conch has a dimpled cluster "caeli" by Industrial Strength in cz.

We didn't pierce Kristie's navel, but we sure got to help make it look way more fancy and cute. Kristie had us order her this gorgeous cluster navel curve ...

Fresh 16g forward helix with a tanzanite gem cluster from Anatometal. One piercing, two

Our Gold Heart Navel Clusters are available in and cast in solid gold! I have never wanted my naval pierced.

Marcella stopped by today to pick out fancy new jewelry for her healed conch piercing (not pierced by us). She chose this gorgeous 7 gem cluster from and it ...

Anatometal Gold Kira Cluster End gems

I'm really digging this Anatometal

Navel piercing using Anatometal navel cluster w/ dangle. Opal gems anodized blurple cap and

Fresh helix I just did at using an cluster full of some flashy ass opals.

Captive Bead Ring with Captive Gem Cluster in ASTM F-136 titanium: synthetic Faceted


A new daith piercing featuring an Anatometal gem cluster with white opals and Arctic blue CZs! In her lobes are the La Estrella earrings made from Tewel ...

Segment Ring in solid 18k yellow gold with Gem Cluster: synthetic Emerald, synthetic Amethyst

... hot pink opal threaded ends, and a captive gem cluster (hot pink opal amethyst black cz) all anodized dark purple. Jewelry by Anatometal!

We just received our latest order from @anatometal and we have all kinds of new

14g Anatometal Opal Captive Cluster Ring 3/8 *Perfect condition Anatometal 14g 3/

Segment Rings - ANATOMETAL - Professional Grade Body Piercing Jewelry ~ Materials: Stainless Steel - Titanium - Gold - Niobium Sizes: from to Clearly the ...

Anatometal Titanium Circular Barbell with 3mm Synthetic Opal Bullet Cut ends. Great for Septum,

Nancy saw the picture we had posted of our latest cluster order and quickly called and picked out which one she had to have. A couple days later she drove ...

Anatometal Titanium Segment Ring Gem Cluster 12g - Exact color choices as above

Brittney got to do this lovely tragus piercing for Andrea. We simply adore how perfect this cute little three stone cluster from @anatometal look…

She chose this lovely cluster from anatometal . One of our favorite things about opals is how drastically different they can look depending on how.

with ・・・ How gorgeous does this Anatometal cluster look in the sun?💎💎 What girl doesnt love shiny sparkly jewellery. You can find Hannah at Vivid Ink, ...

7/16", 16ga Seam Ring with Gem Cluster in solid 18k rose gold

Anatometal | Threaded Gem Arc Cluster - Avanti Body Piercing & Fine Jewelry

picture with lime opals, a copper ring, and dark brown balls.

A fresh conch piercing with a sweet little opal cluster. Done by @zwpiercing #

This gorgeous could look amazing and be the perfect fit for you! it can be

Helix piercing with this Anatometal super cluster. #anatometal #helixpiercing

Anatometal | 18k Gold Tama Threadless End - Avanti Body Piercing & Fine Jewelry

We are excited to share with you the newest addition to our gemstone options; Available in all of our most popular sizes, head to your.

Fresh helix “flat” piercing that we did using this gorgeous Anatometal titanium “classic

Anatometal Titanium Bezel-Set Captive Gem Cluster Ring 16g 14g 12g 10g 8g

Anatometal Captive Cluster ring with removable threaded side gems. Great for Septums, Daith,

This lovely lady stopped in for her check up and I got to snap an awesome shot of this anatometal Lavender Opal Oval navel curve! 2 weeks in and looking ...