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Did they even have an image tho bangtan t Namjin

Did they even have an image tho bangtan t Namjin


•even tho jin is my bias and I don't ship namjin I love

Foreal tho The Namjin couple are true visuals😍❤️

Namjin is the realest

Why do I have this hidden like for NamJin? XD

•even tho jin is my bias and I don't ship namjin I love this sm• | ♡вts.mєmєs♡ | Pinterest | Namjin, BTS and Ships

Don't start the fire when you don't know how it will burn

I can imagine a wife requesting her hubby to take care of himself as well as not break the things in her house.I think I just died😂😂😂

Foreal tho The Namjin couple are true visuals😍❤️

Seokjin appreciation post>>joon praising his wife

You are everything what we, ARMYs, have. Remember that you aren't alone.

If a non-kpop fan sees this they'll really think they are gay 😂

Did they even have an image tho · NamjinFiltersSeokjinBts ...

It's already fated that namjin will never separate. Namjin 4 lyffff

I would like to dig my grave for the 92383838439101834747372828483828 millionth time thank you very much

BTS Kim Soekjin (Jin) and Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster, Rap Mon)

So did jimin get taller or is it the angle


When your trying to get Oppa (well, Jin is older...) to notice you.

The day where Namjin went real


s a v a g e < < < < or just the truth XD I'll do the same thing, I'm not trying to be mean it's just the true flaws in your speak XD

I don't get diets. Just eat a balanced meal and take a walk anywhere you can. Food is our friend, not our enemy ^^ Jin knows!

BTS ladies and gentlemen

Rapmon + Jin >> and then they'd hit each other over the heads with something, and to make up hug before Jimin and Tae shove them towards each other ...

Rapmon's face in the third pic tho.

Thats all I wanna hear from you Yoongi

Even Bangtan ship NamJin

Haha rap mons face though

That 70's Show reference + BTS + my OTP NamJin. My life is complete and yes I'm totally aware of how sad that is- move on

WTF XDDDDD Namjoon+Seokjin how does stuff like that happens in real life?! XDDDD

Roommate troubles #Namjin #BTS #Jin #Namjoon

i am such a fangirl with bts! awe doesn't jin look so adorable! ( yes he does judit ) he is such a cutie! even though he calls himself handsome! but he ...

NamJin watching Ryan be like | allkpop Meme Center

Jin legit said he'd kiss V on live television I'm but Namjin for the win :))) I honestly think BTS is too close to be actually in a relationship with each ...

Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin and jungkook, the hottest family ever

NAMJIN 4 LYFE YA'LL || bts || namjin at it again || kpop

Aw...gotta love NAMJIN...and Jungkook. I think I just died from crying and embarrassment especially since I'm in public. I think this is so cute and just ...


I remembered EXO Showtime when it was Chanyeol's incoming birthday and poor maknaes have to deal

How can I not know you? on Twitter: ".& #Jungkook sure does #love hitting it(""";..(#omg imagine a #Namjinkook 3some:"O!*__* <3)#bts #jinkook #namjin ...

I LITTERLLY can't find my way out its like maze the thing is tho I dint know if I want to find my way

No I don't ship Namjin what are you talking about hahaha *shoves Namjin pictures in backpack*

People know Hobi is cute; they just dislike cute things. It's all about preference

Don't get crush... Namjin is real... Swipe to next picture... Don't look in the eyes.. DON'T---- *ends up getti… | ❤BTS | P…

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Yoonmin don't look happy at all lol ❤ < < first I thought this was about Namjin than it took me 20 sec to realize the post. How stupid I am

I really wanted to scroll past but the longer I stared at it the more it looked like the caption so here you go.

The second picture on the top right though 😂😂😂I cant

Pretending like they don't wanna be doing this

Meme Center | allkpop

Like sons I was watching so.ething and they literally called him dad like they call Jin mom

Now I'm kinda missing the blond Jin

(is this a ship now? yeah it is) get you someone who looks at you like Yoongi looks at Jungkook ❤️

BTS RapMonster Namjoon Jin Actually wrong translation. 힘 (him) is energy/strength so he probably didn't mean energy, he meant strength

BTS, Kpop, Vkook, Namjin, Yoonmin

He doesn't know wether he should be ashamed of his boyfriend or if he

Only Taehyung would be able to make an eaten watermelon fun

Namjoon always setting himself up to get roasted lmao

Namjin for life~ < < < Yeah he looks pretty fucking pumped about it XD

Wowww, BTS has such a strong friendship whilst me and my friends are over here having the Freaking hunger games over the last slice of pizza

*too shook i lie down on the floor wishing to get married either w one of the kims*

Yoongi raised baby kookie well

Don't get crush... Namjin is real... Swipe to next picture... Don't look in the eyes.. DON'T---- *ends up getti… | ❤BTS | P…

Bts Drawings, Kpop Fanart, Bts Fans, Fan Art, Ship, Jikook, Blackberry, 4minute, Namjin


#NamJin heheheee forever shipping NamJin!!!

Pfshh we knew they were dating a long long time ago.probably married and we wouldn't even know <

Read BTS memes & vk from the story Dick pics ☆ by Yingen (羊) with reads.

poor joonie 😂😂😂 don't make eomma jin mad

Jinnie I don't ship any of these but it made me laugh harder then I should have XD

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Best leader ever!

Jin Run BTS

Namjin fanart

NamJin ❤ Aww their face on the pic. look at namjoon his face is aaahhhhhhh

Don't you worry Jinnie~ I would never dare take him away from you


They lived happily ever after.

Jin, how do you know Namjoon has an amazing bed???

Namjoon BFF

I like it when V and Suga team up because they don't really care about winning but having fun even though they're the worst hahaha | BTS | Pinterest | BTS, ...

If I wouldn't ship Yoonmin, I would ship Yoongi x Bed

NamJin (y Kook observando detrás)


death glare of jikook and namjin

Even though he is our sunshine, we should all remember that he is also human

I can't they looked so real

BTS SJ | our eldest is learning what he should do

I don't even know wtf is going on

I can't

I love this!

Resultado de imagen para bts namjin family fanart

That was a close one #jin #jimin #jhope #rapmonster #kimtaehyung #

They already talked about this case | BTS - Namjin

I don't know if I've ever seen Jin wear glasses! Except fetus Australian transfer student Jin, haha. These are quality photos.

Namjin! ❤....its funny because I read the "It's official" but looked at another pin and it was a Baekyeol pin *sigh* kpop

I am jealousssss!

I bet drunk Taehyung is the funniest thing ever in person😂😂😭