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Canuck the Crow Canuck the Crow t Crows Ravens and

Canuck the Crow Canuck the Crow t Crows Ravens and


Vancouverites continue to be enamoured by winged celebrity Canuck the Crow. Photo Rebecca Blissett

Canuck the Crow with a timbit from Tim Hortons. :)

Canuck is one handsome Crow.

For the love of animals. Pass it on.

Crow Refuses To Leave The Man Who Saved His Life · CrowsRavensDr. ...

Canuck certainly looks like he has something to crow about now that he's home from hospital.

Canuck is well known in the area for riding the city's SkyTrain and stealing shiny objects

Crows ravens · Canuck and I on Facebook

Canuck the crow

A crow picks at a container in Frankfurt, Germany in a Friday, April 21, 2017 file photo. Snow, rain and heat doesn't stop mail carriers from making ...

Crow Refuses To Leave The Man Who Saved His Life

Canuck the Crow · The CrowCrowsRavensThe ...

Canuck and I (Official) :-) (@canuck_and_i) on Instagram:

Canuck, the possibly Northwestern Crow.

Canuck and I on Facebook

Canuck the crow

Canuck the crow

Canuck the crow is a fine-feathered friend that has become famous (er,infamous?) in Vancouver circles for his friendly (er, questionable?) behaviour.

Meet Canuck, the World's Most Infamous Crow — Smart Birds | Audubon

Canuck the crow, an East Vancouver bird that's famous for its mischievous antics, has halted mail delivery to the street it lives on by attacking a mail ...

Canuck and I (Official) :-) (@canuck_and_i) on Instagram:

Crows ravens · Canuck the Crow closeup https://www.facebook.com/thecrowandI/

When Tyler Mcleod came too close to Canuck the Crow's nest, Vancouver's most famous bird showed his displeasure. Now they're buddies, which Mcleod ...

bird with a knife Image copyright The Crow and I / Facebook Image caption Canuck ...

Canadian Police Say A Crow Tried To Steal A Knife From A Crime Scene

canuck the crow

Canuck is being cared for by the Night Owl Bird Hospital in Vancouver.

meet canuck a mischievous and friendly crow 12 pictures 10

Fans of Canuck the Crow can now take East Vancouver's most famous bird with them wherever

Canuck the Crow Endures Cruel Flagpole Attack


Vancouver resident Shawn Bergman is pictured here with Canuck the crow on his arm. Canuck was rescued and raised by Bergman's landlord and when he was ...

canuck the crow

Canuck the Crow assaulted, injured at kids' soccer game

Canuck the crow has unlikely friendship with B.C. mail carrier

meet canuck a mischievous and friendly crow 12 pictures 8

CBC's Dan Burritt interviews Canuck the crow

"Canuck"art show, Vancouver | Corvids | Pinterest | Crows, Ravens and Crows ravens

Canuck the Crow causes havoc on Canadian West Coast - Celebrity Pet Worth

Canuck the Crow with cop issue pen. The feathered felon is known to frequent the East Van neighborhood and fork with the Po Po.

meet canuck a mischievous and friendly crow 12 pictures 2

Canuck the famous crow

canuck the crow

Crows ravens · Watch: Short Film 'Canuck & I' Explores the Bond Between A Crow and

Canuck the crow was ready for his close-up Saturday morning. Photo Rebecca Blissett

Shawn Bergman and Canuck the Crow are the subject of a new documentary. (See


Canuck the Crow - YouTube

Canuck likes to collect things. Photo Credit: Canuck and I/Facebook. “

canuck the crow

... Twitter: "Canuck the Crow strikes again! What a turd, we love him and his shenanigans. #canuckthecrow #crows #stilcreekmurder https://t .co/7P5G0PQp45"

Canuck the Crow

Canuck the Crow soaking wet

Canuck the crow picked up a knife at a crime scene in Vancouver Tuesday.

canuck the crow

Canuck the Crow Source: Canuck and I Facebook

Canuck the Crow & Shawn Bergman

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Do You Know Canuck the Crow?

WATCH: Curious crow captured riding Vancouver's SkyTrain

Northwestern Crow

Canuck at Night Owl, almost ready for freedom!

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Who is Canuck the crow?

Canuck the crow "likes the feel of the wind in his feathers" when he lifts a ride with Karen Nixon.

Canuck the Crow digging the Rain


Photo: TELUS Optik TV

Canuck and I

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Canuck the Crow Attacked at Vancouver, Canada McDonald's

Vancouver police confirmed that a crow had – albeit temporarily – interfered with the crime scene

Common Raven.


meet canuck a mischievous and friendly crow 12 pictures 1

Canuck the Crow

News - UPDATED: Mail resumes in Vancouver as crow attacks cease - The Weather Network

Canuck the crow was filmed Sunday trying to steal snacks off tables at the East Hastings Street eatery. (YouTube / IYAMRECORDING)

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Canuck, the crow, is infamous for stealing shiny objects, including a knife from a crime scene - Representational image REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

Video: Canuck & I

Billy The Crow - Documentary

Bergman and Canuck, reunited at the animal hospital.


Raw video: Canuck the crow invades police scene

Remarkably Curious and Intelligent, Crows and Ravens Deserve a Closer Look

Stock photo, not 'Canuck.' (Shutterstock)

After a bit of chasing officers managed to take back the evidence. crow -befriends-man-canuck-20



Relaxing in the shade for a bit. Canuck has been out and about all day. Popping in occasionally to check in, but then off on more adventures.