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Australian troops on Sadan Island off the coast of Borneo prepare

Australian troops on Sadan Island off the coast of Borneo prepare


Australian troops on Sadan Island, off the coast of Borneo, prepare to support landing

Australian infantry men resting on the banks of the Danmap River before attacking Japanese positions near Matapau New Guinea January 1945

Troops of the 2/16th Australian Infantry Battalion, watch aircraft bombarding The Pimple prior

Second Australian Imperial Force in the United Kingdom - King George VI watching a blindfolded Australian. Australian soldiers ...

2/12th Battalion (Australia) - Troops from the 2/12th at Sanananda

Battle of Labuan - An infantryman from the Australian 2/43rd Battalion in a bomber

Japanese civilians and soldiers prior to their embarkation to Jesselton after their surrender to the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) in Tawau on 21 October ...

Soldiers firing a medium machine from the slope of a hill

AWM 010546 allen lebanon.jpg. Troops from ...

Native troops of the New Guinea Infantry Battalion (NGIB

General Douglas MacArthur lands at Leyte, during the Battle of Leyte, 20 October 1944

[Photo] Australian troops and M3 General Stuart light tank fighting near Buna, New Guinea, Jan 1943

Kokoda track.

27 June Beachhead established during the landing by Australian troops, signallers with walkie-talkies keep communications intact.

... of the Battalion to the regimental aid post after an attack on Shaggy Ridge.The Battle for New Guinea World War II with America's Australian Allies.

2/10th Battalion (Australia) - Soldiers from the 2/10th prepare for

2/32nd Battalion stores being transported by jeep on Borneo, July 1945

2/10th Battalion (Australia) - Image: AWM 027400 Australian and US officers

2/10th Battalion (Australia) - Image: AWM 009516 2 10th Australian Infantry. Soldiers from ...

2/14th Battalion (Australia) - Image: 9 platoon 2 14Bn 16Aug 42

26, 1943: U.S. Marines march ashore as they arrive in six landing crafts at Cape Gloucester on the northwestern coast of New Britain Island, New Guinea.

Men of the 2/27th Battalion cross a valley in the Finisterre Ranges, New Guinea, 5 October 1943

The Pacific War

II tank of the Armoured Regiment with Australian soldiers in landing on Green beach (now Muara Beach) the island of Labuan, Borneo.

NormandySupply edit.jpg

This map shows the ares in which Japanese controlled during 1942.


American manned Alligators during the landing of Australian troops at Balikpapan, Borneo

... unit name, strength and coordinates are displayed as a label. When you press terrain button object name is displayed (city, river, sea, ...)

The [First] Battle of Tarakan took place on 11 - 12 Jan, 1942

Map with unloaded transports and order numbers of units

IN W am Oy a Terminator

Army Love, Australian Air, Lest We Forget, Mother Daughter Tattoos, Amazing People, Real People, Tattoo Removal, Dragon Tattoos, Brave

Battlefield map:

The map shows that Japan held most control of the Pacific during its peak until 1942

Second Australian Imperial Force in the United Kingdom - Officers assigned to the Australian Army Staff

July 1944: U.S. Army reinforcement troops are seen as they disembark from LST's in the background and proceed across the coral reef toward Saipan beach, ...

The presence of Chinese junk in northern Borneo on Kinabatangan as been photographed by Martin and Osa Johnson in 1935, both the sultanates of Brunei and ...

Lahad Datu sea panoramic view

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Allies close in (1944)

To many informed observers the advent of the new twentieth century heralded the demise of the old China. Japan's victory had exposed China's military ...

19, 1945: In the Pacific theater of World War II, U.S. Marines hit the beach and charge over a dune on Iwo Jima in the Volcano Islands during the start of ...

MacArthur in khaki trousers and open necked shirt with five-star-rank badges on

Argentine prisoners of war – Port Stanley

Sandakan ~ Sabah Borneo (Article)

The Baileys bridge erected adjacent to the Fitting Out Wharf at Garden Island to service both

Vintage car in Havana (Dreamstime)

Port Tarakan, Borneo.

Corporal Cameron Baird becomes 100th Victoria Cross recipient - Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced an

You can now explore the Amazon, Madagascar, and Sebangau National Forest in Borneo through Google Earth.

... had always been on my bucket list however it was something I never thought I would get around to doing as it involves planning and preparation and takes ...

17: Discover the forgotten coast, Western Cuba

Description of June 23, 1943: U.S. Army reinforcements land on a beach in Attu

1: Learn to dive among shipwrecks, Santiago de Cuba

Description of Aug. 1942: U.S. Marines, with full battle kits, charge ashore

From the first engagements in late 1941 and early 1942, where the Japanese juggernaut seemed unstoppable, trampling over a negligible four-nation naval ...

Pacific War - Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and General Joseph Stilwell, Allied Commander-


FIGHTING FISHERMEN: Harsh rhetoric from top Chinese military thinkers has widespread public support. Here, a flotilla of Chinese fishing boats steams toward ...

1945: About 350 miles from the Japanese mainland, U.S. invasion forces establish a beachhead on Okinawa island. Pouring out war supplies and military ...

Battlefield map:

On July 2nd, in company with Splashdown and Two Up, we set sail at dawn from the Tioman Islands, bound for Borneo. The 3 day, 420 nautical mile, passage, ...

5 weeks old

A map of the occupation of Borneo in 1943 prepared by the Japanese during World War II, with label written in Japanese characters.

PNHS Newsletter 2010 #2 May

From this trip

Fling open the curtains of your overwater suite, laze back in bed and watch the sun rise over a neighbouring island (there's 5 in this group).

Apparently there were Japanese who had served on the island of Borneo during the war who were subsequently imprisoned on the island of Labuan, off the ...

This is how I spent last week, ensconced on a luxury eco resort in Indonesia, half way between Malaysia and Borneo.

23: Pedal the isolated southern coast, Marea de Portillo to Chivirico (Santiago)

Structure of the French Army in 1989

Looks like a sea and its islands, but it's actually a river. Batang Ai is its name. Located in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.

Two snorkelers at Langkayan Island, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia - Stock Image

The Pacific War


These Belgian soldiers are weary and covered with mud from the trenches, but they are rallying for a fresh resistance to German attacks.

The Pacific War

... US 7th Division in Parade for Roosevelt and MacArthur, 30 Jul 1944 ...

Wander Woman: Counting stars on Stewart Island


ANTI-JAPAN PROTESTS: Paramilitary police blocked protesters in Shanghai last September after anti-Japan protests swept China. REUTERS/Carls Barria

We went to the beach in Sengiggi to see where the locals where swimming.


November 1944: U.S. landing ship tanks are seen from above as they pour military equipment onto the shores of Leyte island, to support invading forces in ...

The Pacific War

Sabah is located in northern Borneo as seen from NASA satellite image.

The corvette HMAS Cowra receiving a fresh coat of paint before putting out to sea from

We heard great things only three hours north of Cairns and intended to find out, without having to venture too far off the beaten track.