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Ahadi and Uru lion king t Lions Dreamworks and disney

Ahadi and Uru lion king t Lions Dreamworks and disney


Ahadi, Uru - Mufasa, Sarabi - Simba, Nala - Kovu, Kiara ... That's more like it

couple lion king, 1. Ahadi & Uru, 2. Mufasa & Sarabi, 3. Scar & Zira, 4. Simba & Nala, 5. Kovu & Kiara, 5. Kopa & Vitani

Ohhh, just look at them. Being a happy family and all. King Ahadi with his queen Uru and their two sons Taka and Mufasa, with their lovies Zira and Sara.

In heaven , Ahadi, Uru, Mufasa and Scar

Ahadi and uru meeting for the first time..... there is Uru's mom, Ade, and Ahadi's mom, Ania

Ahadi and uru. Lion King ...

Ahadi confronts his younger son, Scar, while older son, Mufasa and their mother, Uru, look on.

Ahadi · Lion King ...

Ahadi and Uru's Happy Family · King ArtThe Lion ...

The pridelands · King 3ReiLionLeoLions

King Ahadi and Queen Uru with their lion cub sons, Mufasa and Scar.

Quality Time by ~DJCoulzAnimalsOnly on deviantART

I actually don't like the fan-made characters like Mohatu, Ahadi, or Uru. Am I the only one who thinks that??

Disney movies

Ahadi and uru

Mufasa, Taka (Scar), Uru, and Ahadi. The Lion KingDisney ...

Ahadi and Mufasa next Mufasa and Simba

I think its strange how both Mufasa and Taka (Scar) had such similar expressions before their expiration. To Lose It All... by NostalgicChills.deviantart. ...


Ahadi and Uru and their cubs, Mufasa and Scar Under the Stars

I have a valentines day poem for you -clears throat- Muffy is Orange Taka is Red Ahadi is dead!P Ahadi, you we.

Uru is Asha's guardian angel · Disney Lion KingThe ...

*AHADI with his cubs (MUFASA and TAKA / SCAR ~ The Lion King,

The Lion King by HydraCarina on DeviantArt

Lion king generations- 1st- Mohatu 2nd- Ahadi 3rd- Mufasa 4th- Scar

Mohatu and Queen talks about Ahadi and Uru

The lion king cub couples by 1996naruto

Ahadi and Uru, 2.Mufasa and Sarabi,

Ahadi/Uru, Mufasa/Sarabi, & Scar/Zira in The Lion King heaven

Ahadi and Uru · Disney Lion KingThe ...

Uru, Ahadi, Scar, and Muffasa

Ahadi and Uru · King ArtThe Lion KingHakuna MatataReiDisney ArtFanartLions PrideLion

Little Ahadi and Uru! Ahadi and Uru

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GnWUb… My youtube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCEVZq… Subscribe please =) The idea and the description, ...

He's such a hard character to draw ): The hardest, from The Lion king, in my opinion. The cub version turned out really bad - Look at that nose!

The Lion King ... The story

Ahadi, Uru, Mufasa, and Taka.

The KINGs by RoughLady


The Lion King Fan-Art Archive - Artwork

Ahadi and Uru by AleanBrandybuck on DeviantArt

Ahadi and Uru


Ahadi, Uru, Mufasa, and Scar.

Uru's +Reign+Part+2:+Chapter+2:[email protected]

disney Pixar

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Ahadi, Mufasa and Scar.


Ahadi and Scar by Mydlasphotographi... on @deviantART

The Lion King · Disney Characters · Disney Pixar · Dreamworks · Crossover · Jelly · Lions · Kiara's reine

haha so thats why Kiara looks different at the end of Lion King

Ahadi Uru Beginings by DJCoulzAnimalsOnly · Lion King ...

The Lion King images Ahadi & Uru wallpaper and background photos

Disney's The Lion King! Mufasa, Simba and Scar

Ahadi, I dont really like this.

Ahadi & Uru, Mufasa & Scar's parents I've seen other versions, but

Ahadi and Uru as Cubs

disney Pixar

Lions, Dreamworks and disney Pixar

Ahadi Uru: Sunrise by ~DJCoulzAnimalsOnly on deviantART | Ahadi and Uru | Pinterest | Lions

The Lion Guard by Peregrinestar.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


Push by ~DJCoulzAnimalsOnly on deviantART (Uru & Ahadi, Mufasa and Scar's parents)

I do this fan art to the new cartoon the lion Guard. Behind Kion there is Scar…

Last Minutes of labor. Kovu is freaking out "come on kiara!


disney Pixar · Zira

Here's a picture of young Mufasa playing with his dad, Ahadi, and a young Taka (Scar, before the Scar) being groomed by his mom, Uru.

I'm not sure on the first one's name, Uru, Sarabi, Nala · Lion King ...

El Rey León/The Lion King

Lion king. LionLeoLions

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Isn't it great how they can't decide whether Nala's eyes are green or blue so in The Lion Guard they just went for teal *end sarcasm*

The Lion King

Kovu is cool guy ever

Scar/The Lion King (c) Disney appeasement.

Disney stuff · Uru

Mohatu and Uru. Disney Lion KingThe ...


Here is a drawing of adult Kion, with the Lion Guard upcoming I had to made this. Kion (c) Disney Art (c) Me The leader of the Lion Guard

A new addition to the Pride Lands <3

I have a valentines day poem for you -clears throat- Muffy is Orange Taka is Red Ahadi is dead!P Ahadi, you we.

Lion King.

Lions · Mufasa

Voices of his Past by NewSea-ANother.deviantart.com on @deviantART. The Lion KingDisney ...

The Lion King wallpaper titled Uru,Mufasa & Scar

Ahadi. King ArtThe Lion KingDisney MoviesLionsLionDisney Films

Zira and Sarabi

Ahadi,Mufasa,Taka/Scar meet Sarabi

King Ahadi, Mufasa, Scar, and Queen Uru. its the first lion family we knew!

This Kingdom. Lion King ...

Ahadi and Uru. Mufasa and Scar's parents Lion King. See more. Sarabi and Mufasa

Uru Lion King


Just a lil picture of Kiara meeting Kovu for the first time in The Lion Guard First Encounter

King Mohatu (my version of him)


Disney pins