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A little 4th of July morning reading for you John Yau of t

A little 4th of July morning reading for you John Yau of t


A little 4th of July morning reading for you. John Yau of @hyperallergic reviews

Portrait of John Yau. Pencil on paper by Phong Bui.

Portrait of the artist. Pencil on paper by Phong Bui.

Photo by Cerise Yau.

David St. John, credit Stephani Diani

[John Ashbery, iconoclast, with a baseball-bat, from Rudy Burckhardt's Mounting Tension (1950); painted by Larry Rivers ("Pyrography: Poem and Portrait of ...

question every blasted time you go to the grocery store, or even if you're set in your preference and reply automatically, poet John Yau offers ...

The Novel is Published!

William Burroughs' 101 (July 1985 reading at Naropa)

John Yau

The Theology of the Fourth of July - Amid all the fireworks and barbecue smoke this July consider pausing for a moment to reflect on the one our founding ...

Poet, art critic, and curator John Yau has published more than 50 books of poetry, fiction, and art criticism. He has received fellowships from the National ...

John Yau American poet and critic.


Jackson Mac Low, photo by Anne Tardos

Chris Lau

Infographic on 4th of July - The Day of Glory

Even though the events in Paul Muldoon's “Cuba” take place in Ireland and during a time when I was still weeks away from being born, the poem for me is like ...


Thomasin McKenzie and Ben Foster in Leave No Trace

Here's another review for Elliott Green's solo exhibition at Pierogi New York by John Yau on

instilling a love of reading

John Yau: “There is a lot of very good painting going on these days”

Benjamin Franklin Unit Study

In the end of the talk free health Check up was provided including Diabetes, Cholesterol level, Blood pressure and BMI Leave.

BOUGUEREAU William Adolphe - I think there was a print of this in our house growing


TUESDAY JANUARY 10, 2006 9:10-12AM E Train n.bnd NY Times “Cells That Read Minds” 1/10 Read/scanned photos 9:12-14 The UnMasking of JT Leroy 1/9 1:32-45 ...

Another Year, Another Chance to Say Thank You: December Submissions

“ But after I read the whole book, I could better understand that Joyce is


The best month! Seems to be the month with most birthdays! Lol My birthday month!


Reflections on Reading Literature in a Foreign Language

... On July 4th: The art of decency

poem is on side of the dumpster

On the morning of July 25th, the local district officials for all major districts of the metropolitan Beijing area went into action of an immediate kind.


Lee Boynton working on Morning Before the Race, 2014.

I chose it because I believe it represents the beauty of simplicity and shows that you don't need much for your life to be ...

Money to Burn: The Complete Guide to 4th of July Fireworks [infographic]

If this poem were a monologue delivered across a dinner table by an old man of dear acquaintance, I would nod my head with feigned interest and wait for an ...

Reading over Silliman's blog-links (he sometimes links a Scarriet article, and we'll notice a small jump in our readership) I came across a little piece by ...

Trump delays Putin meeting until 2019, citing Mueller 'witch hunt'

Aug 24 Juan Felipe Herrera La Muerte and El ángel de la guarda

33. III READING 6A Read the ...

Albert Cheng


Image 4

Kith&Kin poetry journal presents: John Yau, Andrei Codrescu & Karen Weiser

This is a boook that came out in 1980, Anne Hyde Greet's translations of Apollinaire's "Calligrammes". I don't think it's ever been completely done before.

A Valentine's Day Greeting and a New Story

Why reading is important by Karen Russikoff, Ph.D., Veteran University English Professor

U.S. poet laureate Tracy K. Smith on Chinese poetry, language, and the allure of China - SupChina

Andy Warhol

So You Don't Miss It: A March Calendar of Creative Events

Jake ...

Here's John Yau, from last November, on "Why I Am A Member of the Lee Harwood Fan Club" - Rest in peace, Lee.

The Poetry Project Annual New Year's Day Marathon Reading

I chose this picture because it represents the pond. It also shows the ripples in the water after the frog jumps into the pond. You can tell how silent this ...

Anyone who has ever participated in a bad critique, either as a student or a faculty member, will find passages downright hilarious.

Gary Petersen, Far Away, 2014; acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16 inches. “Gary Petersen: Not now, but maybe later“ is on view at Theodore:Art through February 22.

... Art and Film: John Callahan's Higher Power

Brant Moorefield, Canopy, 2014, oil and acrylic on paper board over canvas, 30 x 24 inches. This little stunner is on view in “Fractured Atlas,” a ...

Recently, Harold Bloom has been under attack not just in scholarly journals and colloquia, but also in newspapers, on the op-ed page, on television and ...

John Yau: “There is a lot of very good painting going on these days”

Allan Ginsburg found Walt Whitman in the grocery store, so I figured he might belong in the drug store too. I put Whitman's poem “As Adam Early in the ...

Poets via Post


There's a meal in Carolyn Forche's “Morning Baking” and no wonder. Food connects us to family history in a way old photographs can't. The touchstones of ...

Owner of famous Vegas chapel started on a whim

by John Yau In these paintings Wilson moves into a territory that is all her own. The paintings are color sensations in which a complex range of feelings ...

II; 31.

If ...

Viola ...

We recently attended a poetry reading in Harvard Square and we had the great pleasure to hear the world's greatest living poet, Ben Mazer, ...

The first of these reviews, John Yau's The Wild Children of William Blake, brings together a series of essays, articles and reviews, most from the past ...


And the best pieces I've read this week:

Podcast: Wild Blue Yonder is now an Audible Book

RiTUAL. Reading Room 2017 : Small Books

... 47.


Keywords: journal

Charolette Richards, owner of A Little White Wedding Chapel, 1301 Las Vegas South Boulevard

THE ESSENCE OF MAINE Featuring Mark Herrington, Dan Miller, and Barbara J. Zucker

Camden Falls Gallery brings the works of Alison Hill from Monhegan Island to the mainland for a featured show, June 29th through July 20th.

The Soul-Killer gives off a smell of burning plastic and rotten oranges. Anything so bizarrely arbitrary is good enough to steal. I'll been reading ...

AG: Does anybody know the Finnish epic, “The Kalevala”. Has anybody ever read any of that? – I'd like to read a few pages of that. It's an epic poem which ...

National Reading Month – March Submissions

Pemaquid Group of Artists will demonstrate their painting at Lighthouse Park on Thursday, July 19

How many of you have read my novel, The Place of Dead Roads? [minimal show of hands] - Good, excellent. You'll remember that Kim Carson and Mike Chase get ...

One of Tom Wolfe's favorite restaurants in New York City is the Isle of Capri on the East Side, specializing, as one might expect, in Italian cuisine; ...

Hotfoot It to Read Poetry Every Day This Summer!

ALSO INSIDE: New Arts Center • Volunteerism A-Z • Summer Dining July 2017 Vol. 12 Issue 7

8 Jul .

Reception: Saturday, July 7, 5 – 7:30 PM Exhibition: June 27 – July 28. Annual Regional Artists Exhibition at Barn Gallery. '